Genetics and Genomics Career Accelerator – References

How to obtain good references.

Interview Tips: Informational Interviews(time stamp: 45:12-47-10)

Interview Tips: Creating A Digital Portfolio of Accomplishments (time stamp: 8:00-9:04)

Mentorship: Why Choosing A Mentor Is Essential (time stamp: 4:43 – 6:15)

Mentorship: Women Choosing Women As Mentors (time stamp: 6:30-7:45)

Interview Tips: Academia vs. Industry – Expectations, CVs, and Resumes (time stamp: 51:02-54:30)

Networking: Building Credentials and Addressing Weaknesses (time stamp: 53:11-56:40)

Career Paths: Choosing a Lab (time stamp: 1:55 – 4:41)


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