Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee assists the Board with its responsibility to oversee ASHG financial management, helping to ensure prudent stewardship of the Society’s funds and drive ASHG’s long-term financial health and vision. It reviews and proposes ASHG annual budgets for the Board’s review and approval and monitors and reports to the Board on overall systems of internal control, integrity of financial statements, compliance with laws, and external audit.

Committee Group: Financial Stewardship, along with Investment Committee

2022 Committee Members

  • Chair: Susan Slaugenhaupt, PhD, Massachusetts General Research Institute/Harvard School of Medicine, Treasurer
  • Han Chen, PhD, University of Texas Health Sciences Center
  • Gail Jarvik, MD/PhD, University Washington Medical Center, Past President
  • Peter Kang, MD, University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Bruce Korf, MD/PhD, University Alabama at Birmingham
  • Brendan Lee, MD/PhD, Baylor College Medicine, President-Elect
  • Digna Velez-Edwards, PhD, MS, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


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