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Additional reading:

Inaugural Editorial, American Journal of Human Genetics, 1949, by Hermann J. Muller, PhD

A Short History of ASHG, American Journal of Human Genetics, 2008, by Kurt Hirschhorn, MD

Recollections from 60 ASHG Meetings. The American Journal of Human Genetics Keats BJB and Hassold TJ. (2010 Nov). 87(5):580-592.

Commemorating 70 Years of ASHG, Column from 2018 President David L. Nelson, PhD:

Evolving use of ancestry, ethnicity, and race in genetics research—A survey spanning seven decades, AJHG, Vol. 108, ISSUE 12, Dec.  02, 2021


Additional Resources on Past ASHG Presidents:

  • ASHG maintains an archive of available Presidential Addresses , in PDF or video form
  • From 2012-2017, monthly American Journal of Human Genetics editions featured brief biographies of past presidents. These are available using the search function at


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