July 2021

Robin Williamson, PhD

Meet Robin Williamson, Teacher and GENE Network Member

Posted By: Evelyn Mantegani, Manager, Public Engagement, Communications and Marketing, ASHG Dr. Robin Williamson is a member of the GENE Network and Public Education and Awareness Committee. She graduated from the University of Rochester in 1998 with a major in biochemistry and minors in chemistry and American Sign Language. She then earned her PhD in... Read More

Inside AJHG: A Chat with Audrey Hendricks

Posted By: Sarah Ratzel, PhD, Science Editor, AJHG Each month, the editors of The American Journal of Human Genetics interview an author of a recently published paper. This month, we check in with Audrey Hendricks to discuss her paper, “Summix: A method for detecting and adjusting for population structure in genetic summary data”. AJHG: What... Read More

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