December 2018

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Michael D. Gallagher

Trainee Author: Michael D. Gallagher, BS, PhD Postdoctoral Associate Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (Photo courtesy Gallagher) Gallagher MD, et al. A Dementia-Associated Risk Variant near TMEM106B Alters Chromatin Architecture and Gene Expression. AJHG. 2017 Nov 2;101(5):643-663 This paper is a prime example of how to mechanistically follow up on a GWAS result. Gallagher et... Read More

Snapshots of 2018: ASHG Fosters the Field’s Future

Snapshots of 2018: ASHG Fosters the Field’s Future

December is a time for reflection, looking back on a terrific year for ASHG and looking forward to new directions and goals in 2019. What were your best 2018 ASHG memories, your proudest research accomplishments, your biggest professional challenges overcome? How do these inform your year ahead and how you’d like to engage with ASHG?... Read More

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