ASHG is committed to professional education in genetics and is developing infographics and other educational resources to support that goal. These infographics are designed as point-of-care educational tools and may cover new policy statements by ASHG, new genetic technologies and discoveries, and initiatives that impact clinical patient care. We hope they will complement existing and new educational programs from ASHG.

DNA Day '15 for 15' (2018)

This series highlights topics from the National Human Genome Research Institute’s ’15 for 15’ Celebration, which commemorated new genetic advances since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Topics include DNA sequencing, cancer genomics, rare genetic diseases, pharmacogenomics, and prenatal genetic testing.

DNA sequencing
Cancer Genomics - Tumor Profiling
Rare Disease
Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing

Prenatal Cell-free DNA Screening (2017)

This series highlights the main themes from ASHG’s three-module, CME-eligible program on prenatal cell-free DNA (cfDNA) screening. This program will help health professionals efficiently and accurately answer patients’ questions about cfDNA screening, focusing on practical guidance based on documented needs. It is suitable for OB/GYNs, nurses, and allied health professionals.


Pediatric Genetic Testing (2015)

This series highlights the main themes from ASHG’s position statement, “Points to Consider: Ethical, Legal, and Psychosocial Implications of Genetic Testing in Children and Adolescents” and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement, “Ethical and Policy Issues in Genetic Testing and Screening of Children”. Each one also features common ethical principles that guide practitioners when caring for children and their families.

Additional Reading: McCullough LB, Brothers KB, Chung WK, Joffe S, Koenig BA, Wilfond B, Yu J-H. (2015 Oct). Professionally responsible disclosure of genomic sequencing results in pediatric practicePediatrics 136(4), e974-e982. DOI: 10.1542/peds.2015-0624.