The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) is the primary professional membership organization for human genetics specialists worldwide. The nearly 8,000 members include scientists, health care professionals, and others with an interest in human genetics. ASHG members work in a range of settings, including universities, hospitals, institutes, and medical and research laboratories. 

Our mission is to advance human genetics in science, health, and society through excellence in research, education, and advocacy.

About the Annual Meeting

The American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting is held each fall in a major U.S. or Canadian city and attracts over 6,500 scientific attendees, plus almost 250 exhibiting companies, which makes it the world's largest gathering of human genetics professionals. The meeting's primary goal is to convey the most important and cutting-edge science in the most engaging way by staying on top of industry and programmatic trends, while serving its diverse audience.

Attendees travel from around the world to access the hundreds of presentations and exhibits on the latest laboratory equipment, products, publications, and software. They are biomedical research scientists and clinicians, and are extremely devoted to their work. Approximately 35% of attendees come from outside North America and are about 50% male and 50% female.

Highlights at the meeting include invited symposia; plenary, platform, and poster sessions; education/trainee workshops; career opportunities and networking events; and public policy sessions. ASHG members and leading scientists from around the world are selected to present their research findings. Abstracts of work submitted and accepted for presentation are published and citable online. 

Meeting Contacts, Mailing Address, and Website

Mailing Address:
American Society of Human Genetics
6120 Executive Boulevard, Suite 500
Rockville, MD 20852

Pauline Minhinnett, CMP, CEM
Senior Director, Meetings

Carrie Morin, CEM
Senior Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorship

Emily Greene, MS
Meetings Program Manager

Amanda Olsen
Meetings Assistant

Amanda Olsen
Meetings Assistant

Amanda Olsen
Meetings Assistant
Telephone: (301) 634-7329

Preferred Dates

October/Early November 
Not to conflict with any holidays, including Canadian Thanksgiving, Jewish Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succoth), Halloween, or General Election Day.

Sleeping Room Requirements

Date Pattern: Major Arrival Tuesday/Wednesday; Departure Friday/Saturday
Peak Night: 2,800 rooms; 80% singles

2018 Pick-up Report (San Diego Meeting overall block only)
2017 Pick-up Report (Orlando Meeting overall block only)
2016 Pick-up Report (Vancouver Meeting overall block only)

Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1% 7% 45% 98% 100% 98% 70% 20% 1%

Rates: Attendees are responsible for their own housing and incidentals and are very rate sensitive. Rates must include complimentary internet. Reduced rates for some rooms used by Society officers, directors and staff at a 50% discount off convention rates. Headquarters Hotel to provide at least three complimentary suites over and above. One complimentary sleeping room per 40 room nights on an accumulative basis. Rates are net, non-commissionable except for fees to housing bureau. ASHG seeks hotels within a 20-minute or less walking distance and prefers not to use shuttles. Hotel contract terms should include no attrition.

Impact on Facility

Exhibit Hall Square Footage 300,000 to 350,000 gross square feet
Catering Revenue (Center) $350,000-$550,000 (includes ICW revenue)
Catering Revenue (Headquarters Hotel) $200,000-$300,000
Booth Catering Revenue $20,000
Concession Stand Revenue $50,000

Click HERE for 2018 Wi-Fi usage.

Audiovisual $450,000-$500,000
Electrical $50,000
Cleaning/Trash Removal $20,000

NOTE: The above amounts are approximate and vary from year to year.

City Economic Impact

Direct Attendee Spending $12-15 million
Economic Impact $20-26 million
Total Hotel Room Revenue $2.5 million
Hotel Occupancy Tax $270,000
Hotel Rate Range $189-$289
Convention Temp Staff $25,000
Restaurant Services 80-100 reservations

NOTE: The above amounts are estimated and may vary depending on the city calculation formula.

Sample Convention Center Daily Schedule

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Exhibit & Poster Hall * * * * Open Open Open** **
Concurrent Sessions (10) * * Open Open Open Open**
General Session * * * Open Open Open Open Open**
Workshops (15) * Open Open Open Open Open**
Offices (10) * * Open Open Open Open Open Open**
Registration * * * Open Open Open Open Open**
Committee Meetings (5-10) * Open Open Open Open Open**

*Move in. Please note that the Exhibit & Poster Hall begins move in on Friday.

**Move out. Saturday move out starts at 4 pm and ends at midnight.

Meeting Space Requirements (Convention Center)

Meeting space for all offices, concurrent scientific sessions and exhibit/poster areas must be under one roof. The Headquarters Hotel may be used for committee meetings and ancillary functions. 

Exhibit & Poster Hall: 300,000 gross square feet in contiguous space required for a 320-350 10x10 booths show, 800 4' x 6’ poster boards on 15' centers. Restaurant and lounge areas also required. Exhibitor Lounge, Exhibitor Registration, and Exhibitor Management will be located inside Exhibit Hall, as well as product theaters and career development theaters.

Concurrent Sessions: (10) rooms with theater-style seating for 500 to 2,000 with staging, screen, data projector, 6' head table, podium with light and microphone, lavaliere microphone, aisle microphones, table microphones. 

Walking distance between concurrent sessions is very important and should be less than 5 minutes. Use of multiple buildings to accommodate the concurrent sessions is not acceptable.

General Session (Plenary, at least 90,000 gross square feet): Theater-style seating for 6,500, staging, screens, data projection, video enhancement, 8' head table, podium with light and microphone, lavaliere microphone, aisle microphones, table microphones. 

Workshop Rooms: (15) workshop rooms to seat theater or classroom from 150 to 300.

Offices: (10) rooms of approximately 2,000 gross square feet each for society offices, attendee services, and A/V staff. Offices should be available on a 24-hour basis, with a lock.

Registration: Typically in lobby space large enough for 25-30 6' counters. 

Committee Meetings: (5-10) conference or u-shape style rooms for 15-35 people.

Meeting Space Requirements (Headquarters Hotel)

Most of the events at the Headquarters Hotel are affiliate functions and bring approximately $250,000 in revenue to the hotel. Events include committee meetings, workshops, and banquets. Depending on the program, revenue may be higher. The following is a tentative schedule for meeting space needs at the Headquarters Hotel:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
# rooms 800-1500 sq ft 2 5 15 15 15 5 5
# rooms 1500-2500 sq ft 2 5 12 13 13 10 5
# rooms 2500-5000 sq ft 6 7 7 4

NOTE: Most rooms at Headquarters Hotel are used for breakfast, lunch, and evening events. 24-hour holds are not necessary.

We often have two hotels that serve our Headquarters Hotel needs.

Other Considerations

To better serve attendee needs, we prefer cities with:

  • Hotels within price range within walking distance to convention center
  • Easily accessible/affordable transportation from airport and within downtown area
  • Nearby dining options and nearby cultural activities 

Click HERE for sample items to address if submitting an RFP for a future year.