Abstracts from previous ASHG Annual Meetings are available online through the past ASHG meetings archive. In your abstract citation, use the appropriate URL for the meeting in which the abstract was presented. The following is a suggested style for citing abstracts.

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ASHG Meetings: Abstract Licensing Agreement

Authors of submitted abstracts agreed to the American Society of Human Genetics licensing agreement/copyright policy:

The author grants ASHG a nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to copy, reproduce and publish the abstract in ASHG's online or print publication of ASHG abstracts and/or other compilations or collective works to be assembled and owned by ASHG (together, "Collective Works") in any form or medium now existing or hereafter created throughout the world. The submitting author understands and agrees that ASHG shall own all rights, including copyright, in and to the Collective Works including the right to:

  1. Distribute, reproduce, license, display, perform, lend, lease, or transfer rights to the Collective Works to third parties,
  2. Prepare derivative works of the Collective Works, and
  3. Register the Collective Works in ASHGs own name with the U.S. Copyright Office.

It is understood that the submitting author and/or third parties with copyrights shall retain copyright in and to the abstract contributed by the submitting author to a Collective Work. The submitting author affirms that he/she is the author and owner of the abstract and holds all copyrights in and to the abstract, or has secured any third party permissions necessary to grant ASHG the above rights. The submitting author is responsible for providing any related third party with a copy of this grant of rights.

NOTE: The submitting author has copyright to the individual abstract, so permission to use material derived from the abstract (other than citation) must be obtained from that author.

The following is a suggested style for citing ASHG Meeting abstracts:

Example Only
Simpson R.S., Barnes P., Disruption of the microRNA pathway; (Abstract/Program #X). Presented at the 63rd Annual Meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics, Date, Location, (e.g., October 25, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts)