From a gift right now to one in your will, you can help us achieve our mission to advance human genetics in science, health, and society through excellence in research, education, and advocacy.

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How You Make a Difference

Our donors and partners make a huge impact on the genetics and genomics community and society at large. Your support of ASHG makes it possible for us to:

  • Share excellent genetics research through the world’s largest genetics meeting, a field-leading research journal, and professional awards;
  • Enhance the development of genetics professionals, especially the next generation, emphasizing diversity and inclusion through awards and fellowships;
  • Improve public understanding and appreciation of genetics and its impact on health through public outreach programs; and,
  • Promote policies that advance genetics research and responsible application, from federal research funding for genetics and policies that improve genetic literacy, enhance privacy, prevent genetic discrimination, and expand participation in research.

Anindita RayFor example, Anindita Ray, a senior research fellow from India, received support through the ASHG Developing Country Travel Award program to attend the ASHG Annual Meeting, where she presented her work on understanding the genetics of a rare disease in India – Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome.

When asked if her attendance at the meeting positively impacted her career, Anindita enthusiastically responded: “Yes, it did. I had a post doc offer from a researcher who was impressed by my work and wanted to work with me in the future, also some discussions are underway for a probable collaboration which was only possible through this meeting.”

Your support makes stories like Anindita’s possible. 

Thank You!

Ways to Give


You can support the genetics and genomics community through a one-time or recurring donation to ASHG. You can either donate online or fill out and return a donation form with your check to ASHG.


Pledges make it possible for you to consider a larger donation than might have otherwise been possible. You can schedule payment of the donation over a series of years with annual, quarterly, or monthly installments. If interested, please complete and return our donation/pledge form.

Gift of Stock

You can also donate appreciated securities to ASHG. Before making a stock gift, please consult with your financial advisor and then contact ASHG for instructions on how to make a stock gift to the Society.

Gift from Retirement Account

If you are 70½ years old or older, you can make a gift to ASHG directly from your traditional IRA, just request that your IRA plan administrator transfer funds directly to the Society (see sample letter). The IRA charitable rollover provision allows you to exclude up to $100,000 per year in IRA gifts from your taxable income.

Gift in Your Will

Leaving a donation to ASHG through your will is as an easy way to have a lasting impact on genetics, without any upfront cost. All you need to do is specify within your will the amount or percentage of your estate that you would like to leave to ASHG. We suggest adding the following language to your will:

“I bequeath (amount or percentage) to the American Society of Human Genetics, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of Maryland, with the principal business address of 6120 Executive Blvd Ste 500, Rockville, MD 20852 and federal tax identification number 52-1419397.”

Please also let us know of your intentions by completing and returning a bequest intention form.

Our Donors

Thank you to those individuals who made gifts since July 1, 2018.

Leslie G. Biesecker, MD
Katy Carrillo-Frost
Sumantra Chatterjee, PhD
Justin P. Collingham, MD
Jorge A. Davalos, MD
Robert J. Desnick, PhD, MD
Christine M. Disteche, PhD
Hassan Fagieh, MD
Karane Fischer
Adolfo D. Garnica, MD
Frank S. Grass, PhD
Werner Heim, PhD
Fuki Marie Hisama, MD
R. Rodney Howell, MD
Jennifer Hsieh
Jeffrey L. Ihnen, JD
Stanley Inhorn, MD
Melanie S. Ito
Peter B. Jacky, PhD
Lissy Jarvik, MD
Yanjun Jiang, PhD

Marilyn C. Jones, MD
William Kearns, PhD
Todd Kelson, PhD
Yoshiaki Kin, MD
Barbara B. Knowles, PhD
Julie R. Korenberg, MD, PhD
The Lennon Family Charitable Fund
Rolando E. Lovaton Espadin, MD
Frederick W. Luthardt, PhD
Thomas B. Lynch, MD
Charles J. Macri, MD
Mona V. Miller
Megan M. Mitzelfelt, PhD
Sri Moedjono, MD
Cathy Morin
Patricia Nakashima
David L. Nelson, PhD
Kent Opheim, PhD
Harry T. Orr, PhD
Jean H. Priest, MD

Benjamin Raby, MD, MPH
Eric Rodriguez
John G. Rogers, MD
Pierre L. Roubertoux, PhD
E. Safarians, MA
Irwin A. Schafer, MD
Moses S. Schanfield, PhD
Adele S. Schneider, MD, FACMG
Lana R. Seguin-Spillman, PhD
Rita Shiang, PhD
Ling Yu Shih, MD, PhD
M. Priscilla Short, MD
Alexa J. M. Sorant
Nancy B. Spinner, PhD
Jordi Surralles, PhD
Virginia P. Sybert, MD
Neal J. Weinreb, MD
Roger A. Williamson, MD
Nancy G. Wolf, MD, PhD
Ruiting Zong, PhD