Genomic Report Toolkit



Kelly East, MS, CGC, Wendy Chung MD, PhD, Kate Foreman, MS, CGC,
Mari Gilmore, MS, CGC, Michele Gornick, PhD, Lucia Hindorff, PhD, Tia Kauffman, MPH,
Donna Messersmith , PhD, Cindy Prows, MSN, APRN, CNS, Elena Stoffel, MD,
Joon-Ho Yu, MPh, PhD and Sharon Plon, MD, PhD



About this resource

This resource was created by a team of clinicians with genomic testing expertise.
It is designed to help non-geneticist healthcare providers to understand genomic medicine and
genome sequencing. The CSER Consortium is an NIH-funded group exploring genomic testing in clinical settings.




This work was conducted as part of the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) Consortium, grants U01 HG006485,
U01 HG006485, U01 HG006546, U01 HG006492, UM1 HG007301, UM1 HG007292, UM1 HG006508, U01 HG006487, U01 HG006507,
R01 HG006618, and U01 HG007307. Special thanks to Alexandria Wyatt for graphic design and layout, Jill Pope for technical editing,
and the entire CSER Practitioner Education Working Group for their time, energy, and support in developing this resource.