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Congratulations to the winners of ASHG's 2016 Teen Genes Video Challenge, and thank you to all of the students who participated!

Do you want to see what our winners have been up to since the competiton? Watch their collaboration with Positive Exposure.

Winner - Grand Prize -  Beryl Zhou & Cindy Xu
Teen Genes 2015 Grand Prize Winning Video
Winner - Honorable Mention - Gouhang Zhang
Teen Genes 2015 Honorable Mentions Winning Video
Winner - Honorable Mention - Samuel Catania
Teen Genes 2015 Honorable Mentions  Winning Video
Winner - Honorable Mention - Jose Fernandez, Sergio Augusto Sanchez and Jose Rodolfo Romain
Teen Genes 2015 Honorable Mentions Winning Video

About the Contest

This contest gives 14 to 18 year olds worldwide the chance to show the world what their genes can do by submitting a 3-5 minute video describing any current application of genetics (ancestry testing, genetic testing for disease risk, production of biofuels, etc.) and explain how it works. The application must be realistic and in current use, not science fiction, and does not need to be limited to human genetics. Students are encouraged to choose a topic that interests them and explore its signficiance in their life or society at large. International and group submissions are welcome.

Videos are first evaluated by ASHG for scientific soundness. Current ASHG members then vote for their favorite video based upon the judging guidelines, and the video with the most votes wins the grand prize. The next three videos with the most votes are awarded the honorable mention prizes.

Questions/Comments: Contact emantegani@ashg.org