Celebrate DNA Day with ASHG

Join ASHG as we celebrate DNA Day! We have many activities planned to engage you in this day that commemorates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953. Join us at a scheduled event or plan your own event with an ASHG member or resource. All times listed below are US Eastern Time.

COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar – April 20, 1:30 PM

Join us in a conversation with speakers John Doucet, PhD, Pramod Mahajan, PhD, and moderator Kathryn Hall, PhD, as they discuss engaging with communities about COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Register now.

Essay Contest Winners Announcement- April 23 at 12 PM

Winners of the 2021 contest will be announced at 12 PM US Eastern Time! Read the winning essays and see where around the world submissions came from.

Fact Sheet Released – April 23 at 12 PM

A fact sheet addressing important points from the 2021 question will be released with the announcement of winners. Share it with other teachers, print it out to distribute to a class, or work it into your teaching plans. See previous years’ fact sheets addressing Direct-to-Consumer Ancestry Testing and Huntington Disease.

Instagram Stories – April 23

Meet us over on our Instagram page @geneticssociety to ask a scientist questions about the 2021 question.

Reddit Panel – April 28, all day

Meet us on the Ask Science Reddit page for a panel discussion on this year’s question. Read through last year’s panel discussion about studying animal models to help solve biological problems related to human disease.

Connect with a Scientist through the GENE Network

Set up a question and answer session or virtual experiment with a scientist! The Genetics Engagement and Education Network is full of scientists who have volunteered to be a resource to educators and the science-interested public at no cost. Set up a virtual event today.

Play Chromosome Clash

Use our bracket to determine the favorite chromosome!


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