Annual Meeting

ASHG and the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) are partnering to present joint sessions at our respective annual meetings that share perspectives on timely topics of mutual interest to our members. At ESHG's 2014 meeting in Milan and ASHG's 2014 meeting in San Diego, speakers from both societies hosted "Building Bridges" sessionsexploring the meaning of uncertainty in the context of clinical genomics and genomic research. ASHG looks forward to an enduring partnership with ESHG and to building stronger bridges with other international societies.


ASHG and ESHG have collaborated to offer discounted joint memberships so that members of each society may enjoy the benefits of the other. Benefits include substantial discounts to our respective annual meetings as well as subscriptions to both the American Journal of Human Genetics and the European Journal of Human Genetics.

Genetics Education

ASHG works with its own members (domestic and international) and with colleagues who are members of other societies to support international genetics education in a variety of ways. Annually, ASHG provides approximately $50,000 in support for international genetics education.

  • ASHG is a full-member society of the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies (IFHGS). In 2011, ASHG was the host society of the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics in Montreal, Canada.

  • Research awards for international trainees: ASHG has greatly expanded its support for research awards to help students and early-career scientists attend ASHG’s Annual Meeting. This program provides approximately 20 awards each year to support travel for trainees from outside North America (i.e., South America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and Africa).

  • Support for speakers at international meetings: ASHG supports the exchange of genetics education expertise across borders by offsetting some of the travel costs for prominent geneticists/genetics educators who are invited to serve as faculty or speakers at international workshops or meetings (including efforts that focus on developing countries and integrating genetics/genomics into clinical care). ASHG also supports travel for non-member geneticists from outside North America who are invited to speak at ASHG meetings.