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Late-Breaking Abstracts

Due date: September 5, 2019 at 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

The Late-Breaking Session is a special plenary session developed by the Program Committee to highlight the most exciting research completed after the June abstract deadline. The call will be issued in mid-August and may focus on a particular emerging topic in human genetics, which will be determined after programming regular abstracts. At that time, more information about submission will be available. Abstracts not chosen for this plenary session will not be programmed in any way, including as other oral presentations or as posters.

The ASHG 2019 Program Committee reserves the right to not schedule this session if there are not enough excellent abstracts to program. Abstracts are chosen for both immediacy and quality, and should be as meritorious as other plenary abstracts. Recent statistics:

  • 2018: 57 submitted, 3 accepted
  • 2017: 61 submitted, 1 accepted
  • 2016: 59 submitted, 3 accepted

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