2018 Program Committee Chair Heather Mefford describes meeting highlights.

Eric Mendenhall, Program Committee Member, shares tips for navigating the Exhibit & Poster Hall, interacting with exhibitors, and attending CoLabs.

Exhibit & Poster Hall: Your Solutions Hub

You need exhibitors and exhibitors need you! Exhibitors need your expertise and in turn, they supply you with solutions. When you work with exhibitors, you aren’t working with just the sales staff. You are engaging ASHG member scientists and their expertise while helping to create the next wave of technology and services that better serve the field of genetics in research and clinical applications.

There’s no better place to see hundreds of companies’ instruments, services, solutions, and publications than in the Exhibit Hall. Think of it as a live web search on how to make your job more productive and compare products all under one roof in a short time.

Create Your Itinerary + Explore Interactive Floor Plan

If you'd like to create your own agenda and expo planner, you can login to the online expo planner to plan your path! Or, just browse the Exhibit Hall, view the product gallery, press releases, or search for exhibitors.

Start exploring the Exhibit Hall! Use your badge number from your registration email to create an account to save your list of exhibitors to visit!

View the Exhibitor List.

View the Exhibit Hall Map.

Scroll through the Product Gallery

Browse Press Releases

Watch the latest in the Video Gallery

Custom Itineraries

ASHG created custom itineraries for scientific registrants for which booths to visit in the Exhibit & Poster Hall: Your Solutions Hub. One of the most common comments among scientific attendees is that the meeting is so big, it can be overwhelming. We know this can especially be true in the Exhibit & Poster Hall! ASHG will create six different itineraries based on scientific interest and place of work:

Exhibitors on these lists have been included based on information they self-provided to ASHG regarding the kinds of solutions they provide and their target audience. Inclusion on these itineraries is not an official endorsement by ASHG.

Exhibit Hall Hours

The Exhibit Hall is located in Halls D-G.

Wednesday, October 17   10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Thursday, October 18   10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday, October 19   10:00 am – 3:30 pm


Exhibit Hall Education: CoLab Theaters

Each CoLaboratory, CoLab for short, is categorized by high-level themes so attendees can easily find the kind of session that appeals to them:

  • Clinical: features programming regarding clinical applications in research or for physicians, programming geared towards genetic counselors, and any topics related to diseases and treatments.
  • Laboratory: covers anything related to the laboratory: equipment, sequencing, technology, workflows, etc.
  • Data: focuses on big data and software applications for genetics professionals.

CoLab sessions and descriptions on the most updated schedule is available here.You can sort them by choosing Session Type, Exhibit Hall Education.

CoLab Schedules by Day, by Theater - coming soon!

ASHG Central, Career Resources, AJHG, and More!

Visit ASHG Central at booth 927 – the very center of the Exhibit Hall – to address membership questions, view sample publications, apply for membership, and interact with other ASHG initiatives. ASHG Central is open during exhibit hours and will have comfortable seating, charging stations, and much more! We hope you stop by to see us while visiting the exhibits and posters.

We also have stations loaded with our job-finding website. Stop by for career guidance, interview tips, and find your next position.

The editors of The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG) will also be available to answer questions at ASHG Central. AJHG provides a record of research and review relating to heredity in humans, the application of genetic principles in medicine and public policy, and related areas of molecular and cell biology as well as behavioral, molecular, biochemical, population, and clinical genetics.

Make ASHG Central your destination for networking, plugging in, and getting all the ASHG information you need!