2016 Support Opportunities

ASHG welcomes the generous support of your organization for ASHG 2016. We invite you to look through this thoughtful selection of opportunities and allow us to help meet your goals. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to gain widespread exposure for your organization at the largest human genetics meeting in the world while helping provide a memorable experience for attendees in Vancouver.

In addition to the listed benefits for each opportunity, all supporters’ company names and logos will appear in:

  • Convention Centre Signage and/or Banners

  • ASHG Web site

Supporters will also receive a 50% discount on attendee mailing lists.

As an exclusive benefit, all supporters will receive priority booth assignment in 2017, meaning you choose your booth space before registration opens.

Support: Meeting Essentials

Supporters receive visibility and branding recognition while enhancing the attendees’ meeting experience. Supporting a meeting essential guarantees visibility for your company with leading scientists and researchers who are gathering together to share information about, and explore new opportunities in, all facets of genetics research. Plus, you will provide a valuable item or service to attendees as they converge for what is expected to be another record breaking year! The supporter would supply company logo and production is handled by ASHG in all cases except where specified.


ASHG Tweetup


Ever wonder what all of those people hashtagging #ASHG16 look like in person? This is the chance for Tweeters and other social media users to find out! The members of the ASHG communications committee welcome ASHG attendees who use social media like Twitter – or anyone who wants to learn – at Mahoney & Sons Burrard Landing on Thursday, October 20 from 6:30-8:30 pm. This event is open to all ASHG attendees. Drinks and appetizers will be provided. The supporter will be invited to the Tweetup and be recognized with tweets from @GeneticsSociety. There may be additional ways to recognize the sponsor at the Tweetup location. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.

Mobile App - Logo on Startup Screen


Your company’s corporate logo would appear on the start-up screen each time the Mobile App is opened. This sponsorship includes a complimentary enhanced listing. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.
Note: This is not an exclusive sponsorship. Other advertisers will be featured in banner ads.


Coffee and Refreshment Breaks                                                   
Wednesday Morning Break                           
Thursday Morning Break
Friday Morning Break

$5,000 for each

Meeting attendees look forward to their coffee breaks, no matter the time of day! ASHG provides them this necessity and your company can help offset the cost with sponsorship. For the minimum fee of $5,000, ASHG will recognize your company via logo on signage by the coffee tables. Your company may also provide logoed napkins. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply. 

Cybercafé SOLD

Internet stations are provided for all registrants for easy and free Internet access. Sponsor may have their company name and logo included on computer splash screens, as well as company logo on any panels as part of the Cybercafé area.

Childcare $5,000

Show your support for families who come to the meeting with their children by supporting ASHG’s childcare program. Your company logo will be on signage outside the room and any childcare-related emails to attendees. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.

Genetic Counselors' Lunch $5,000 for two; $10,000 for exclusive sponsorship

Internet stations are provided for all registrants for easy and free Internet access. Sponsor may have their company name and logo included For the first time, ASHG will host a lunch event exclusively for genetic counselors. This lunch will feature ASHG content experts discussing their research with genetic counselors, and end with a focus group discussion of new technologies and their clinical applications.  Sponsors will be recognized with signage outside the luncheon, featured on walk-in slides (if applicable), and up to two people from your company will be invited to the luncheon.

Sponsors are welcome to give ASHG ideas for topics and speakers from your Research and Development departments on emerging technologies with potential impact on clinical genetics with the aim to invite them as a speaker (sponsor’s expense). All other meeting benefits apply.

Diagonostic Challenges

$5,000 up to three sponsors

Diagnostic Challenges is one of the Annual Meeting’s most popular workshops where attendees can submit challenging case studies to a panel of expert clinical geneticists for discussion of differential diagnosis, treatment, and counseling options. Each presentation is followed by a lively discussion between the audience and the panel, as the audience is strongly encouraged to participate. Your sponsorship goes to offset costs for food and beverage provided during this Thursday evening session. Sponsors are recognized via signage outside the meeting room and walk-in slides, if applicable. All other meeting benefits apply.


Support: Trainees

Who are Trainees and why are they important?

Trainees are graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in programs that prepare them for careers in genetics. Training programs are typically two to six years long, and they may be focused on basic, translation research, or clinical practice. Degrees may include master’s (e.g., in genetic counseling), Ph.D. (e.g., for basic and applied researchers), and MD /MD-PhD (e.g., for clinicians/scientists). Ultimately trainees are preparing for careers as an independent scientists or physicians. Trainees use genetics and life science products and services daily and, as a result, are close to new technologies.  Indeed, trainees often play a key role in purchasing decisions.

ASHG has a Trainee-focused meeting track, distributes special awards, and nurtures these important young scientists and clinicians. Support of Trainee programs demonstrates a commitment to the genetics community in the early stages of Trainees’ careers.


Trainee-Mentor Luncheon


This prestigious and high-profile event is a wonderful opportunity for trainees (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows) to meet and talk informally with luminaries in the field of human genetics and high profile, long-time members of the Society about career options, goals, and professional opportunities. The luncheon is held on the first day of the meeting so that students can continue their discussions with these mentors at other times during the course of the meeting. Trainees and mentors are required to purchase tickets to attend this important networking session. Support helps off-set the costs of the meeting room and food and beverage and will be acknowledged with the company’s name on the luncheon ticket, as well as signage outside the room and walk-in slide featuring the company’s corporate logo.

ASHG Reception: Career Paths in Genetics                                           


This reception is intended for trainees who are interested in exploring various career options in genetics from industry R&D to regulatory policy, academic research to tech transfer. Trainees are encouraged to bring their business cards. The event is limited to 200 attendees, and your generous support would help offset food and beverage costs. Supporters would be acknowledged with signage and a walk-in slide, both including corporate logo. Sponsors can also provide logoed cocktail napkins if desired. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.

Early Career Meet & Greet with Trivia                                             


This casual, fun event is a dedicated opportunity for trainees to connect with each other. To facilitate networking, participants will be broken into small groups and will compete for prizes by playing pub trivia (with a genetics theme of course!). Your support will help offset the cost of food and beverage. The supporter’s company name company name and logo will be on signage outside the event. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.

Trainee Lounge


The Trainee Lounge, located on the second level of the convention center, is a place for trainees (and just trainees!) to relax, network, and form new collaborations. Your company’s logo would be on signage outside of the lounge as the sponsor and you may also place literature or giveaways in the lounge on the first day of the meeting. For $10,000, you would also be the sponsor of coffee breaks in the lounge. You can also provide logoed cups and napkins. All other meeting sponsor benefits apply.

Poster Talks                                         


To highlight the highest scoring posters, the Program Committee will include a Poster Talk session on Tuesday, October 18, from 7:00-9:00 pm. These three-minute talks with no questions will consist of a set number of slides in a preset format. This new initiative aims to draw attention to high-quality posters, and to help stimulate further discussion during the Poster Sessions. The event is open to all scientific registrants. Refreshments will be served.