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Genetics Education & Outreach Network (GEON)

GEON is a network of genetics professionals who is willing to assist K-12 science teachers when teaching genetics. Teachers can search for GEON members in their area who will then go to their classrooms to speak or present to students.


The Geneticist-Educator Network of Alliances (GENA)

The aim of the GENA Project is to explore ways how a professional society can play a positive role in the career development of both junior (pre-tenure) and senior (post-tenure) level genetics faculty. A network of geneticist-educator alliances is developed to design teaching strategies related to standards and misconceptions in genetics.


Other Resources


Statement on the Importance of Participation of Scientists in K-12 Science Education


Scientists in Science Education - BSCS

Genetics Education Resources

Undergraduate Web Resources


Careers in Human Genetics

This is a good resource for students who are interested in pursuing a career in human genetics. We also spotlight members of ASHG who have pursued their careers through different paths. Information includes what degree is required, what type of work involved on a daily basis, and salary.


Trainee Career Toolkit

Includes professional development tips, job opportunities, and careers in human genetics.

Graduate Training Program Guide

This is a great reference source for looking up graduate and postgraduate training programs specifically designed to prepare individuals for careers in human genetics.


Conversations in Genetics

A video series of prominent scientists
describing their research accomplishments and recalling the paths they took during various phases of their lives that led to their work.



Other Resources


Professional Science Master’s (PSM)

Relatively new programs to develop advanced scientific and professional skills are now available across the country and offer an alternative career path.


Scitable/Nature Education - Ask an expert




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