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Monika Schmidt

Monika Schmidt
Chair, Training & Development Committee
PhD candidate, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

I am studying the molecular mechanisms of mutation in repeat sequences responsible for disorders such as myotonic dystrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Energetic, perseverant, organized

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the American Society of Human Genetics. ASHG is the leading professional organization for human genetics specialists globally, as evidenced by its diverse and highly active membership.

Understanding the natural world, improving life for all beings, and advocating for what is right and fair, are among the underlying motivations for conducting sound genetic research. ASHG is committed to upholding these principles – discover, educate, advocate – and provides extensive year-round resources to members globally.

When I attended my first ASHG meeting in 2014, I was completely overwhelmed by the wealth of trainee and early-career scientist-specific opportunities at the Annual Meeting. Only after the meeting did I come to appreciate the abundance of highly relatable online resources. Soon I came to recognize that trainees are involved in all aspects of ASHG: we are represented on every committee! I am honoured to have served the Training and Development Committee (TDC) for the past two years, and look forward to sharing with you, an ASHG member, the new resources and activities the TDC is presently developing.

Take a moment to browse the resources available on the ASHG webpage, such as trainee skill-set development resourcesnetworking and job opportunitiesawards and fellowshipscareer path-specific interviews, and more. The TDC continues to develop dynamic online resources in response to the needs of members, all of which are available to ASHG trainee members.

Do you have an idea to share or a question in mind? Please feel free to drop any one of the  a line. Interested in becoming more involved? ASHG has numerous leadership opportunities which benefit from a diversity of views and experiences, so be sure to put forward your application in the autumn!

Genetic research is facing a challenging time of tight funding and reproducibility crises, among others. As we navigate these challenges and the ramifications of rapidly developing genetic technologies, we must provide the upcoming generation of genetic scientists with outstanding mentorship, training, and open forums of discussion and collaboration. Please join us in this endeavor.

Wishing you all the best,

Gorka Alkorta-Aranburu, PhD

Board of Directors
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago

I am a clinical molecular genetics fellow applying NGS-based diagnostics to rare diseases.
Diligent, affable, versatile with an accent

Olivia Corradin, PhD

Program Committee
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Case Western Reserve University

My work focuses on understanding how noncoding genetic variation contributes to disease pathogenesis. 
Positive, curious, driven

Beryl B Cummings
Program Committee

Graduate Student, Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute, Boston, USA

My work focuses on using transcriptome sequencing to inform variant interpretation and rare disease diagnosis
Witty, helpful, resilient 

Burcu Darst

Training & Development Committee
PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison

My research focuses on integrating omics data to comprehensively model early risk factors Alzheimer’s disease.
Adventurous, determined, inquisitive

Emily Davenport, PhD

Training & Development Committee
Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University

My work focuses on understanding what determines human gut microbiome composition, including environmental and host genetic factors.
Determined, diligent, sarcastic

Douglas Dluzen, PhD

Training & Development Committee
Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute on Aging, NIH

I study genetic mechanisms of normal aging and how perturbations in those mechanisms contribute to age-related diseases.
Writer, spontaneous, curious

Emily C. Glassberg, AB

Communications Committee
PhD Candidate, Stanford University

I use population genetic modeling to explore genetic loci that are likely to contribute to human complex traits.
Driven, passionate, enthusiastic

Ted Han

Training & Development Committee
PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

I am studying the molecular mechanisms underlying mutations that cause cystic fibrosis in order to determine the most effective therapy for patients with those mutations.
Calm, curious, practical 

Leila Jamal, ScM, PhD, CGC

Social Issues Committee
Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine and Berman Institute of Bioethics

Leila works as a cancer genetic counselor and is also developing a return of results framework for the Baylor-Hopkins Centers for Mendelian Genomics.
Curious, sociable, resourceful

Julie Jurgens

Training & Development Committee
PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

I study the genetic and mechanistic bases of rare Mendelian disorders.
Affable, optimistic, pun-loving

Alexis Norris, PhD

Information and Education Committee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Kennedy Krieger Institute & Johns Hopkins University

My research utilizes computational tools to identify genes and pathways dysregulated in psychiatric disorders.
Enthusiastic, engaging, and empowering 

Christoph (Chris) Nowak, MD, PhD.

Training & Development Committee
PhD candidate, Medical Sciences Department, Uppsala University

My work focuses on the discovery and validation of biomarkers for type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic disease-related traits.
Reflective, searching, Kafkaesque

Lauren Tindale

Training & Development Committee
PhD candidate, Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre,
Simon Fraser University

I study the genetics of healthy aging and longevity in a group of Super-Seniors.
Innovative, perceptive, easy-going

Julie Jurgens (Leader)

Burcu Darst

Ryan Collins

Douglas Dluzen

Christoph Nowak

Irene Park

Brooke Wolford

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