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Genetics Education Resources


Below we have provided resources developed by ASHG, as well as highlighted a few exemplary genetics curriculum, web sites, and books and videos developed by others.  Educators and GEON members, consider using these resources with your K-12 students.


ASHG Lesson Plans


The lessons in our database were developed by Geneticist-Educator Network of Alliances (GENA) teams and have been further adapted by ASHG for use in high school (or advanced middle school) life sciences classrooms. They are classroom-tested and ready-to-go!


Understanding Autism Through Genetics

by Michael J. Dougherty,


This article for educators by ASHG's Director of Education explains our current scientific understanding of autism spectrum disorders as a complex trait influenced by variation in multiple genetic loci and by epigenetic factors.


DNA: The Long and Short of It


Explore the data ASHG collected at the 2011 USA Science and Engineering Festival on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Learn about height and tongue-rolling as complex and simple traits, respectively.


Free Teaching Aids Online Educational Materials Free videos/ animation Audio Clips Teaching Aids for Purchase Material Review Reference Guide/ Fact Sheets Glossary Other Links En Espanol
Action Bioscience - American Institute of Biological Sciences




BioEd Online - Baylor College of Medicine
Bioethics Resources for High School - Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Bioethics Resources for College - Kalamazoo College & Harvard University

BioInteractive - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS)
DNA Learning Center - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes


Foundations of Classical Genetics - Electronic Scholarly Publishing
GeneEd - National Library of Medicine

GeneTests - University of Washington
Genetic Testing Registry - NCBI
Genetics Home Reference - US National Library of Medicine
Genome News Network - the J. Craig Venter Institute

       - National Human Genome Research Institute

Talking Glossary of Genetics



Human Genome Project Information - Department of Energy
Inside Cancer - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Learn.Genetics & Teach.Genetics - The University of Utah
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Education
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - NCBI


Omics Gateway - Nature


Personal Genetics Education Project


Positive Exposure: Arts and Blogs on the Beauty in Genetic Variation


The DNA Files - SoundVision Productions


Understanding Evolution - the University of California Museum of Paleontology


Virtual Genetics Education Center - Univ. of Leicester


Scitable - Nature




Need a tune to engage all levels of students? ASHG member, Jim Sikela and his daughter Megan want to share "I love DNA" with you. Here you can find the lyrics and the audio. Enjoy!



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