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ASHG/GENA Resources


Statement on the Importance of Participation of Scientists in K-12 Science Education


MSPnet: MSPnet is an online sharing community for all Math and Science Partnership (MSP) projects funded by NSF. You can access the final lesson plans of all GENA partnerships.


Publication Opportunities: This is a list of education journals, their audiences, and author guidelines that you may find helpful if you are considering submitting genetics education articles for publication.


ASHG Genetics Education Resources


Teaching Genetics



Other Resources


Teaching Mitochondrial Genetics and Disease: A GENA Project Curriculum Intervention

Reardon, R. and Sharer, D. (2012). The American Biology Teacher, 74 (4): 224-230.


Closing the Gap: Inverting the Genetics Curriculum to Ensure an Informed Public
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Current Developments and Funding Opportunities in Life Sciences Education
Allen, D. and Woodin, T. (2009). CBE – Life Sciences Education, 8, 95-99.


Scientists in Science Education
BSCS (2008)


Grappling with the Literature of Education Research and Practice
Dolan, E.L. (2007). CBE – Life Sciences Education, 6, 289-296.


Guidelines for preparing presentations for young audiences
NHGRI (2006)



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