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GENA Committees and Advisory Meetings

GENA Advisory Committee

Goal:  Provide advice and guidance for the project


The GENA Project benefits from an Advisory Board whose members have extensive experience in education at various levels. The Advisory Board met with project staff and external evaluators in the first quarter of each funded year to provide guidance for the development of the GENA Project. We are thankful to our Advisory Board for their service to this project.


Lesli Adler Montgomery County Public Schools
(Biotechnology education, professional development)
Miriam Blitzer University of Maryland, ASHG Board of Directors

(Higher education)  

Bruce Fuchs National Institutes of Health- Office of Science Education

(K-12 science education/curriculum development)

Nancy Hutchison Director of the HutchLab and Science Education Partnership

Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, University of Washington
(K-12 curriculum development, professional development)

Marsha Matyas The American Physiological Society
(Evaluation and scientific society perspective)     
Jacquelyn Roberts Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology
(Diversity initiatives)   
Nancy Shapiro University of Maryland, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(Higher education, issues in teacher quality)
Louisa Stark The Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah
(Professional development, K-12 genetics education)


GENA Curriculum Content Review Committee (CCRC)

Goal:  Review of Exemplary Materials


Numerous groups and individuals have developed K-12 curricula in genetics, but until the GENA project, there had been no comprehensive review of those materials.  In the first year of the project, the GENA CCRC, a group comprising geneticists, curriculum experts, and master teachers, finished their review of 115 resources that cover Patterns of Inheritance. We thank the following individuals for their service on the CCRC.


Neil Lamb       Director of Education

HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology

Betty Carvellas Teacher and co-chair of the Science Department
Essex High School, Vermont
Adam Hott Coordinator of Educational Outreach
HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology
Kristi Martinez Program Manager
The StarNet Project, University of Washington
Megan Brown Genetics Education Partnership
Department of Molecular Biotechnology, University of Washington
Cindy Gay Teacher
Steamboat Springs High School, Colorado


Recommended Genetics Curriculum by CCRC
Review Summary of Classroom Resources


Benefits of Outreach to Higher Education (BOHE) Meeting

June 12-13, 2009
Goal: Explore how scientific societies might improve recognition and reward for their members who engage in science outreach


Participants of the BOHE meeting

- Three GENA project partnerships
- Representatives from other professional societies
- Representatives from Institutions making progression in outreach and reward
- Representative from GENA Advisory Committee
- Representative from ASHG Information and Education Committee
- Representative from ASHG Board of Directors
- GENA project staff
- GENA external evaluators


A number of strategies were identified to help colleges and universities realize the benefits of faculty outreach, including:

  • writing letters on behalf of faculty who engage in K-12 outreach,

  • publishing science education articles in professional society journals, such as The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG), and

  • raising the visibility of K-12 science education at the Annual Meeting, in society newsletters,  and through other society activities.

Summary of BOHE Meeting


Partnership to Engage Business and Higher Education Leadership in K-16 STEM Education

November 20, 2009
Goal: Explore ways to engage governing boards of universities and the business community in the promotion and support of STEM education.


Participants of the Partnership Meeting

- Representatives from university administrations

- Representatives from other professional societies

- Representatives from institutions interested in promoting outreach and reward


Summary of the Partnership Meeting



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