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Featured Chat Fridays

Featured Chat Fridays is a series of interviews between ASHG trainee members and genetics professionals launched on the ASHG Trainee Forum (Facebook/LinkedIn) in Fall 2014. These brief interviews illuminate various career paths and provide advice for trainees. This initiative is led by the Featured Chat Fridays Subcommittee, active members of the ASHG online trainee community who assist the Training and Development Committee in developing programs outside of the Annual Meeting for fellow trainees.

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Melissa Dalgleish, PhD, OCT

February 15, 2017

Program Coordinator, Research Training Centre, Hospital for Sick Children

Mark McCarthy, MD, FRCP, FMedSci

November 18, 2016

Robert Turner Professor of Diabetes Medicine, University of Oxford and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


Academia (21)

Russ B. Altman, MD, PhD

October 10, 2014

Kenneth Fong Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine & Computer Science

Stanford University, Schools of Engineering & Medicine


Thomas Bird, MD

Professor, Neurology and Medical Genetics

University of Washington, Seattle


Olaf Bodamer, MD, PhD

March 13, 2015

Park Gerald Chair in Genetics and Genomics, Associate Chief

Boston Children's Hospital


Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD

October 9, 2015

Professor of Genetic Medicine

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


M. Eileen Dolan, PhD

December 19, 2014

Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine, University of Chicago


Evan E. Eichler, PhD

November 21, 2014

Professor and HHMI Investigator

Department of Genome Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Washington


Chris Gunter, PhD

November 7, 2014

Associate Professor, Emory School of Medicine

Associate Director of Research, Marcus Autism Center & Children's Health of Atlanta


Gail Jarvik, MD, PhD

June 10, 2016

Head of Medical Genetics, University of Washington

Professor of Medicine and Genome Sciences

Arno G. Motulsky Chair in Medicine


Haig Kazazian, Jr., MD

October 23, 2015

Professor of Human Genetics

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Christophe Lambert, PhD

June 19, 2015

Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, Center for Global Health, Division of Translational Informatics, Department of Internal Medicine


Brendan Lee, MD, PhD

August 12, 2016

Robert and Janice McNair Endowed Chair and Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics

Baylor College of Medicine


Niall J. Lennon, PhD

May 13, 2016

Senior Director, Translational Genomics

Broad Institute


Mark McCarthy, MD, FRCP, FMedSci

November 18, 2016

Robert Turner Professor of Diabetes Medicine

University of Oxford and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


Cynthia Casson Morton, PhD

April 24, 2015

William Lambert Richardson Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology and Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School; Director of Cytogenetics, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute


David Nelson, PhD

February 26, 2016


Baylor College of Medicine

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics


Ioannis Ragoussis, PhD

May 22, 2015

Head of Genome Sciences, Associate Professor in Human Genetics

McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre


Gerald Mark Reaven, MD

March 11, 2016

Professor of Medicine (Active Emeritus)

Stanford University School of Medicine


Heidi Rehm, PhD, FACMG

January 5, 2015

Associate Professor of Pathology, Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Chief Laboratory Director, Partners Healthcare


Guy Rouleau, MD, PhD, FRCPC, OQ

January 29, 2016


McGill University


Jay Shendure, MD, PhD

October 24, 2014

Associate Professor of Genome Sciences

University of Washington


Eric Alan Shoubridge, PhD

February 12, 2016

Professor and Chair, Department of Human Genetics

Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University

Michael Snyder PhD

October 21, 2016

Chair of Genetics and Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Stanford University


Pilar Elena Mazzetti Soler, MD, MBA

April 8, 2016

General Director

Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurologicas


Beth Sullivan, PhD

February 27, 2015
Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Duke University/Duke University Medical Center

Industry (9)

Larry Croft, PhD

March 27, 2015

Chief Scientific Officer

Malaysian Genomics Resource Center


Tina Hambuch, PhD, FACMG

December 5, 2015

Director of Clinical Services

Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory


Marie Lee, PhD

February 13, 2015

Applications Specialist, Production Genomics



Thomas Morgan, MD

August 14, 2015

Head of Human Disease Genetics

Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research


Joanna Mountain, PhD

December 18, 2015

Senior Director of Research

23andMe, Inc.


Riki Ohira, PhD

September 11, 2015

Lead Associate

Booz Allen Hamilton


Michelle Penny, PhD

January 30, 2015

Senior Director, Head of Genetics and Bioinformatics, Tailored Therapeutics

Eli Lilly and Company


Robert Plenge, MD, PhD

January 16, 2015

Head, Genetics and Pharmacogenomics

Vice President

Merck Research Labs


Joyce Tung, PhD

May 8, 2015

Director of Research

23andMe, Inc.


Communications (1)

Carolyn Cain, PhD

December 5, 2014

Medical Writer

MedLogix Communications


Intellectual Property (2)

Karen Imgrund Deak, PhD

June 5, 2015

Director, MS in Patent Law and Certificate in Patent Prosecution

University of Notre Dame


Oona Johnstone, PhD

July 31, 2015


Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Genetics Education (6)

Andy Faucett, MS, LGC

July 2, 2015

Director of Policy and Education, Office of Chief Scientific Officer

Geisinger Health System


Marnie Gelbart, PhD

September 25, 2015

Director of Program Development and National Initiatives

Personal Genetics Education Project, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School


Elizabeth Kong, PhD

July 17, 2015

Hall of Human Life, Manager

Museum of Science, Boston  


Chloe Poston, PhD

January 4, 2016

Policy and Communications Manager

Genetics Society of America


Beth Ruedi, PhD

November 20, 2015

Director of Education and Professional Development

Genetics Society of America

Derek Scholes, PhD

September 9, 2016

Director of Science Policy

The American Society of Human Genetics

D. Barry Starr, PhD

November 6, 2015

Director, Outreach Activities

Department of Genetics, School of Medicine, Stanford University

Bioinformatics (1)

Evadnie Rampersaud, PhD, MSPH

August 28, 2015

Research Bioinformatics Scientist

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital



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