Family History

2014 Family Health History Collection
This is a complete compilation of the 2014 Family History breakout session powerpoint slides. 

Standarized pedigree nomenclature: update and assessment of the recommendations of the National Society of Genetics Counselors
As the presenters of this session put it, THE family history bible.  Only the abstract is freely available at this link, but the full article may be available from other sources. 

The family history: the first genetic test, and still useful after all those years?
This article by Reed Pyeritz, MD, PhD, explores the history of using family history clinically, current confounding factors, and the continued relevance of family history as a clinical tool in the age of personalized medicine. 

Medical Family History: Tools For Your Practice
Although this presentation was originally produced by the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics for use with primary care doctors, it contains great basic information about why family history can be medically important, how to construct a pedigree, and how to recognize potentially genetic red flags. 

My Family Health Portrait
This tool from the Surgeon General provides a template for gathering your family health history.  In Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian too! 

Does it run in the family?
Another family health history tool from the Genetics Alliance.  The end result is a customized booklet you can share with family members. 

Public Health Genomics - Family Health History
The CDC's site offers general information on the importance of collecting family health information, as well as additional resources. 

Genes in Life
This site not only offers information on family health history, but also more general information on how genes and lifestyle impact health.