Unsure of your career path? Explore diverse careers options in human genetics.

General Resources

National Academies: Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers 
This National Academies press book "offers its assessment of the postdoctoral experience and provides principles, action points, and recommendations for enhancing that experience."

National Academies: The Postdoctoral Experience Revisited 
This National Academies press book, "reexamines postdoctoral programs in the United States, focusing on how postdocs are being guided and managed, how institutional practices have changed, and what happens to postdocs after they complete their programs."

UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development 
This site offers a wide variety of information from the University of California - San Francisco's Office of Career and Professional Development, including sample CVs, cover letters, and faculty application packages (see "Quick Links" on the right).

Networking Opportunities at the ASHG Annual Meeting 
The ASHG Annual Meeting offers several opportunities for trainees to network with more senior society members. Be sure to sign up for these events when you register! Also explore our list of networking tools and other societies relevant to genetics.

Cover Letter Tips 
This ASHG page has useful tips for writing successful cover letters, as well as a sample structure and other cover letter resources.

CV vs. Resume FAQs 
What is the difference between a CV and a resume? How do you know which to use? Get answers to these questions and more.

NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education Videocasts 
From presentations on grant writing, publishing papers, and presenting posters, to presentations on many specific career paths, this collection of videocasts from the NIH has something for everyone.

Genetics Training Programs

Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling 
This site lists genetic counseling programs by U.S. state and Canadian province that have maintained ACGC accreditation.

American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics 
This site lists different ABMGG-accredited training programs, ACGME-accredited residency programs, and combined residency training programs.

NPSMA: Professional Science Master's (PSM) 
This new graduate degree allows students to acquire valuable workplace skills while pursuing advanced training in a science or math field.

Skills Development

APS Professional Skills Training Courses 
The American Physiological Society offers live and online courses through out the year designed to develop trainees' professional skills.

Career Exploration and Planning

Career Path Videos In this collection of videos from the Science Alliance at the New York Academy of Sciences, professionals in different science-related careers talk about the day-to-day of their jobs, as well as how they got from a PhD to their current position.

Career-Specific Resources

Academic Research

NIH New and Early Stage Investigator Resources 
This site offers helpful information on NIH opportunities for early investigators.

The Whole Scientist 
Organized by The Jackson Laboratory, this is a four day professional development course designed for graduate students and postdocs.

Data Science

How to Find Your Dream Data Science Job
This site is for people looking to transition into a career in data science.

Industry Research

Science and Law

Genomics Law Report 
Although this site does not directly address science and law careers, it does offer perspectives on current issues facing the field. A must-read for anyone considering a law-related career!

Science Editing

Science Education/Outreach

Science Policy

Science Writing/Media


Fellowships and Grants

Deadline Area of
Predoctoral or
AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program Jan. 15, 2019 Science Writing Both No
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships Nov. 1, 2019 Policy Postdoctoral U.S.
Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships- Doctoral Program Oct. 15, 2019 Research Predoctoral C.A. or
Permanent Residence
ASHG Genetics and Education Fellowship April 19, 2019 Education Postdoctoral No
ASHG Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship April 19, 2019 Policy Postdoctoral No
Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health list of Fellowships Varies Research Postdoctoral U.S. or
Permanent Residence
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program Varies by Institution Research Postdoctoral No
Canadian Federation of University Women List of Fellowships and Awards Currently Closed Research Both C.A. or
Permanent Residence
Canada Graduate Scholarships- Master's Program Dec. 1 Research Predoctoral C.A. or
Permanent Residence
Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program Opens June, 2019 Policy Both No
Fulbright Scholar Program Currently Open, 2020-2021 Research, Teaching Both No
L’Oreal USA Fellowships for Women in Science Currently Closed Research Postdoctoral U.S. or
Permanent Residence
Mitacs Accelerate Program Rolling Deadline Research Both No
Mitacs Elevate Program Currently Closed Research Postdoctoral No
NCI Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program Opens May 1, 2019 Research Postdoctoral U.S. or
Permanent Residence
NHGRI list of Policy Fellowships and Internships Varies Research Both Varies
NIH Career Development Awards (K Series) Varies Research Postdoctoral U.S. or Permanent Residence, except K99
NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Fellowships (F Series) Varies by Institution Research Both U.S. or
Permanent Residence
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships Program Oct. 15 Research Postdoctoral C.A. or
Permanent Residence
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program Oct. 15 Research Postdoctoral C.A. or
Permanent Residence
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Currently Closed Research Predoctoral U.S. or
Permanent Residence
Ontario Centres of Excellence TalentEdge Fellowship Program Rolling Deadline Research Postdoctoral Eligibility to work in Ontario
United Nations Internship Programme Varies Diplomacy, Policy Predoctoral No
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program Consult nominating institution for submission deadline Research Predoctoral No
Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program Rolling Deadline Research Postdoctoral No

Job Search Sites

  Academic Industry Other Int'l Jobs Post CV/
ASHG Career Center Editorial Education Science Writing/Media A few
FASEB Career Center    
Biospace Careers Editorial Education Policy A few
Bio Careers Education Legal Science Writing/Media    
Chronicle of Higher Education   Education A few  
Elsevier (home of Cell Press and AJHG)     Editorial Many  
Employment on FASEB Campus     Science Writing/Media    
AAAS Science Careers LegalPolicy A few
genomeweb Careers Education Science Writing/Media Many  
jobs.ac.uk     Many
Nature Jobs Editorial Legal Science Writing/Media Many
New Scientist Jobs Editorial Education Legal Policy Science Writing/Media Many
PhDs.org Education A few
Staff Icons, Biotech Staffing Service      

Other Job Search Resources


Not only can you search for jobs (including industry and academia) on this site, you can research employers.  Employer information includes salary ranges, employee reviews, and reviews of the interview process. Also allows you to identify any connections to an employer in your Facebook network.


This aggregator site allows you to search by keyword and location, and pulls results Google-style across many different jobs boards.  You can also identify any connections to an employer in your LinkedIn network.


In addition to a job search feature, this site lets you compare salaries by job title and location (US and Canada only for now).  Especially helpful for those transitioning out of academia.


Connect to over 100 job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Vetjobs. Know when hiring managers view your resume.