As part of continuing efforts to provide ASHG members, non-members, and the general public with the most effective and valuable educational programming, ASHG has decided to sunset certain programs. Here you will find some of ASHG's most successful programs which have given rise to current programs the society offers.

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Geneticist - Educator Network of Alliances (GENA)
Genetics Education Research Program (GERP)

Geneticist - Educator Network of Alliances (GENA)

From 2007-2010, GENA, funded by the Math-Science Partnership Program at the National Science Foundation (EHR #0634296), supported the development of 70 geneticist-teacher partnerships throughout the United States and Canada. With the help of colleagues at the National Science Resources Center (NSRC, now the Smithsonian's Science Education Center), ASHG built a national framework for university-high school collaborations in genetics education and supported university faculty engaged in K-12 science outreach.

2007 GENA Workhop

Highlights of GENA

To learn more about GENA, visit this website or click here for an overview.

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Genetics Education Research Program (GERP)

The Genetics Education Research Program supported research in genetics education, grades 7-20. Proposals were reviewed by the ASHG Information & Education Committee (I&E), and approved by the ASHG Board of Directors. GERP was intended to catalyze interest in genetics education research by ASHG members. After 5 rounds of successful grants, the program was dissolved.

Funded Projects Highlighted

  • Teacher development
  • Student learning
  • Activity creation
  • Analysis of the impact of pedagogy
  • Development and evaluation of assessment tools

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