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Dear Friends,

The ASHG Board is delighted to announce GenArt 2012, a human genetics art competition, for this year’s annual meeting. We ask our members to submit captivating art that represents human genetics in the 21st-century. Each day our members produce many images during the course of our research or as observations in our lives. We would like to celebrate these images, both for ourselves and to engage the general public.

We invite you to submit original, high-resolution photographs, illustrations, or photographs of art that you have created in the course of your research. The art may be literal or abstract or fanciful. Figures of the sort that would be published with a scientific article are absolutely welcome, but we do not intend to limit your creativity.

Submissions will be judged by members of the ASHG Board. Winning entries will be prominently displayed as walk-in slides during the annual meeting in San Francisco in November and published in a future issue of AJHG. We may also ask permission to use the winning entries in education and advocacy outreach programs.


Good Luck!


Submission Deadline:

August 1, 2012


Complete entries must include the following:

  • High-resolution [350 dpi], print-ready JPGs

  • 260-character, nontechnical statement

  • Names and institutional affiliations of all co-entrants

  • NIH or other funding sources (e.g., grant number)

Terms and Conditions


Please review all terms & conditions prior to submission!


  • Entries must be submitted in high resolution [at least 350 dpi] and in print-ready form. Images should be in JPG format and less than 6MB.
  • An entry may be submitted by an individual or group.
  • An individual or group is limited to a single submission.
  • Submissions are only allowed by current trainee or regular members of ASHG.
  • All entries must relate to biomedical research.
  • All entries must be original creations of the submitters and not be published elsewhere. The submitter(s) must have created the image and must hold the copyright of the submitted image. ASHG will not be responsible for legal claims related to the improper submission of works belonging to other individuals or organizations.
  • Images or illustrations advertising or marketing specific companies or commercial products are ineligible.
  • Contest winners grant ASHG nonexclusive web and print publication rights, while retaining copyright.
  • Selection of winners is at the sole discretion of ASHG. All decisions are final.
  • By submitting, all entrants agree to all GenArt terms and conditions.

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