Preliminary ASHG 2019 Schedule

Prelimary Schedule 2019

The ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting features invited, platform, and poster sessions, in which leading scientists from around the world present their research findings and explain the state of the science in human genetics and genomics.

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A searchable Schedule of Events will be available in May.

Invited Sessions at ASHG 2019

Selected by the Program Committee in February 2019, this year’s invited sessions address a broad array of topics in human genetics and genomics.

  • Addressing the Genomics Literacy Gap in Society: A Conversation about the How, What, Why, and Impact of Modern Educational Frameworks
    Speakers: Barbara Biesecker, Neil Lamb, Sarah McClymont, Dina Newman
  • Beyond the Genome Sequence: Integrating Genes, Enhancers, and Pathways in Development and Disease
    Speakers: Sumantra Chatterjee, Molly Gasperini, Matthew Maurano, Tychele N. Turner
  • Clinical Spotlight: Basic Research to Clinical Implementation: A Multidisciplinary Overview of the Current State and Future Directions of Clinical Pharmacogenomic Testing
    Speakers: Colleen Campbell, Andrea Gaedigk, David Gregornik, Jun Yang
  • Clinical Spotlight: Novel Insights into the Genetics of Reproduction: Precision Medicine and Personalized Assisted Reproductive Technologies
    Speakers: Aleksandar Rajkovic, Pierre Ray, Rima Slim, Lei Wang
  • Cutting-edge Approaches to Interrogating the Genomics of Infectious Disease
    Speakers: Priya Duggal, Genelle Harrison, Dennis Ko, Catherine Stein
  • Deep Learning for Interpretation of Human Genetic Variation
    Speakers: Kyle Farh, David Kelley, Debora Marks, Olga Troyanskaya
  • DNA in the Public Sphere: How Genomic Information is Used and Protected Outside of Traditional Contexts
    Speakers: Steve Mercer, CeCe Moore, Kate Spradley, Jennifer Wagner
  • Emerging Views of Human Brain Evolution and Development from Comparative Neurogenetics
    Speakers: Katie Pollard, Armin Raznahan, Jason Stein, Amanda Tilot
  • Functional Validation of Rare Variants Using Physiologically Relevant Experimental Systems
    Speakers: Hugo Bellen, Erica Davis, Mark Hester, Len Pennacchio
  • Genetics on Target: The Role of Genetic Evidence in Drug Discovery and Development, from Vision to Reality
  • The Intersection of Genetics and the Disability Rights Movement: Beginning a Dialogue about the Impact of Prenatal Genetic Screening and Testing on Historically Stigmatized Populations
    Speakers: Kara Ayers, John Constantino, Stephanie Meredith, Ignatia Van den Veyver
  • The New Frontier of Epigenetics in Cancer: Modifications of Nucleic Acids
    Speakers: Daniel De Carvalho, Anjana Rao, Andrew Xiao
  • Novel Biomarkers and Emerging Therapeutic Approaches in Mitochondrial Disorders
    Speakers: Sarah H Elsea, Michio Hirano, Vamsi K Mootha, Carlos T Moraes
  • Poison Exons in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: From Development and Disease to Therapeutic Target
    Speakers: Gemma L Carvill, Lori Isom, Heather C Mefford, Xiaochang Zhang
  • Recent Progress on Identity-by-Descent
    Speakers: David Balding, Sharon Browning, Eurie Hong, Ardalan Naseri
  • Tribal Colleges and Universities: Teaching Genomics with an Indigenous Perspective
    Speakers: Rachel Arnold, Adrian Quijada, Krystal Tsosie, Tada Vargas
  • Value Assessment of Genomic Testing from Diverse Stakeholder Perspectives in Health Services
    Speakers: Kurt Christensen, Ragan Hart, Gillian Hooker, Erick Lin
  • What about the Phenotype? Integrating Electronic Health Records to Drive Discovery in Precision Health
    Speakers: Dana C Crawford, Dokyoon Kim, Marylyn D Ritchie, Nicholas P Tatonetti

Invited Workshops at ASHG 2019

Selected by the Program Committee in February 2019, this year’s invited workshops provide hands-on, practical instruction on a variety of genetics tools, approaches, skills, and software.

  • CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing Bootcamp
  • Enhancing Discovery by Leveraging Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Program (KOMP2) Animal Model Production and Phenotyping Pipelines
  • Investigating Genotype-Phenotype Data Using the GWAS Catalog
  • RNA-seq for Mendelian Diseases Diagnostics: A Hands-on Tutorial through Bioinformatic Tools and Workflows               
  • Reproducible and Transparent Genomic Analysis with Galaxy
  • Solving Rare Diseases with the RD-Connect Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform (GPAP)
  • An Introduction to Scalable Genomic Analysis with Hail
  • Analysis on the Cloud: The Next Generation of Reproducible Research
  • Interactive Introduction to Tools for Estimating Age-based Penetrance and Pathogenicity
  • Issues of Race, Gender, and Identity on our Doorstep: Experiences and Strategies for Respectful and Informed Dialogue
  • The Michigan Imputation Server: Data Preparation, Genotype Imputation, and Data Analysis
  • New Features and Data Types in the UCSC Genome Browser

Presidential Symposium at ASHG 2019

Organized by 2019 President Leslie Biesecker, this year’s Presidential Symposium will address the topic of genetic exceptionalism. Presenters include:

  • Kyle Brothers, MD, PhD, University of Louisville: Everyday reality of genetic exceptionalism in an academic hospital and perspective on moving past it
  • Dame Theresa Marteau, DBE, University of Cambridge: Overview of the behavioral science of genetic testing
  • Robert Resta, MS, CGC: Origins and history of the concept of genetic exceptionalism