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Press Guidelines & Policies

ASHG provides press registration to staff and working freelance journalists who wish to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting or cover it remotely from their offices. To obtain press registrations, individuals must apply online prior to September 30 or on site at the ASHG 2014 Annual Meeting Press Office, Room 22.


The following individuals are eligible for press registrations:

  • Reporters, writers, producers, and editors as well as photographers and videographers with staff credentials from newspapers, magazines, online news services, wire services, and radio or television networks and stations.

  • Freelancers with assignment letters from established, verifiable media outlets.

  • Freelancers with at least one bylined article/report published online or in print or broadcast by an established, verifiable media outlet during the six months prior to the ASHG 2014 Annual Meeting.

  • Online news services or online outlets that provide daily or weekly coverage of health and science.

  • Bloggers who frequently comment about health and science.

Journalists whose applications for ASHG 2014 Annual Meeting press credentials are approved in advance of the conference must pick up their press badges and meeting materials at the ASHG Press Office, Room 22. Pre-registered press should bring business cards or other forms of identification to the Press Office. Before the Annual Meeting begins, ASHG will email the ASHG 2014 media briefings schedule and related information to pre-registered press.



Press registrations will not be provided to the following:

  • Writers/editors and public relations professionals affiliated with exhibitors.

  • Industry representatives and financial or industry analysts.

  • Writers and editors for industry publications and websites.

  • Manuscript editors of journals.

  • Representatives of public relations firms and the public relations/communications offices of industry, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations.

These individuals must register as regular attendees at the ASHG 2014 meeting and pay the required registration fee, regardless of affiliation with a news or trade media organization, contracted exhibitor, scientific journal, or publishing company.


Journalists must:

  • Wear/display their official ASHG 2014 press badge at all times while on-site at the meeting.

  • Not exchange, loan, or borrow ASHG 2014 press badges. Individuals who do so will be required to leave the meeting.

  • Obtain approval from the ASHG Press Office (see Media Contact Information included below) to film, photograph, or audiotape scientific sessions, invited presentations, symposia, or any other official meeting event.


ASHG reserves the right to bar from the 2014 and future meetings any journalist who deliberately promotes the viewpoint of one company or institution, or attempts to solicit manuscripts, advertising, subscriptions, or monetary payments/contributions from meeting registrants or exhibitors.



Embargo Guidelines


All abstracts, posters, presentations, symposia, and scientific and invited sessions at the ASHG 2014 Annual Meeting will be embargoed until the date and time of presentation at the meeting. However, if the abstract, etc., is presented first at an ASHG press briefing, the embargo will be the time of the press briefing.



Media Contact Information


Please note that ASHG does NOT release its current or past press registration lists to exhibitors, public relations agencies or other organizations.


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