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How Do You Think Genetic Research will Affect the Future? Come share your thoughts

The Genetic Portrait Project—An Interactive Art Initiative

Ballroom 20 Foyer, Upper Level
San Diego Convention Center
Sunday, Oct. 19 - Tuesday, Oct. 22


Cristina, Public Health Researcher


This initiative, led by Stefan Petranek, Assistant Professor of Photography & Intermedia, Herron School of Art & Design, Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis, is based on the ongoing photo documentary The Genetic Portrait Project, which uses art to explore society’s current perceptions of genetic research and the implications for the future. As portraits of members are taken over the course of the meeting, the documentary organizers will display an evolving exhibition of photographs and answers.

Attendees wishing to participate in this art initiative will have their portrait taken with their response to the question: How do you think genetic research will affect the future? Attendees will be invited to write down and/or draw their thoughts and will then be photographed with their responses. Portraits will be printed within 24 hours and placed on display with each participant's name, title, institution, and years of genetics experience. It will take approximately 15 minutes to participate in the project. Participants will be required to sign a non-commercial model release form to allow for future public exposition and/or publication of the work. Participants will receive a complimentary print.


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