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ASHG Abstract Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q. When is the abstract submission deadline?
A. Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 8:00 pm U.S. EDT


Q. What is the abstract submission fee?
A. There is no fee to submit an abstract.


Q. When will I be notified of acceptance?
A. The information will be available on the ASHG website in mid-August.


Q. Will there be late-breaking abstracts?
A. No.


Q. What should I do if my abstract has been previously published or accepted for presentation at another meeting?
A. You should disclose this when submitting your abstract. You will be asked to provide further information (date of publication or the meeting it has been accepted to). You should also address in your abstract body whether new data will be presented or disclosed at the Annual Meeting. The 2014 Program Committee will determine if the abstract should be accepted. If it is accepted it will be scored appropriately.


Q. Can I change the first author of my abstract?
A. You cannot change the author on a submitted abstract. In order to change the first author of a submitted abstract, you must withdraw your abstract, and then submit a new abstract with the new first author information by June 4, 2014.


Q. Can I make a revision or withdraw my abstract?
A. Yes if you do this on or before to June 6, 2014 (by 8:00 pm U.S. EDT). Please visit the abstract submission main page and click on the “revise my abstract” or “withdraw my abstract” button. NOTE: After June 6, abstracts cannot be withdrawn and if programmed by the Program Committee will be included in the meeting program and will be available as a searchable abstract on the meeting website.


Q. Can I add an author or remove of author from my abstract?
A. Yes, as long as you do this before June 6, 2014. Please follow the instructions under “revise my abstract.”


Q. What is the maximum number of authors that can be included on an abstract?
A. Thirty.


Q. How do I cite a group or consortium?
A. If you wish to cite a group or consortium as a co-author, enter the name in the space provided on the form. This entry will appear following the last individual co-author’s name.


Q. What are the abstract topics?
A. Click HERE to view the abstract topics.


Q. What are the abstract rules and guidelines?
A. Click HERE to view the rules and guidelines. 


Q. What is the maximum and minimum length of an abstract?
A. You are allotted 2500 characters (including spaces) for the body text of your abstract. Title, author and institutional data are not included in the 2500 characters. You can check this during the abstract submission process.


Q. Where will the poster sessions be held?
A. The poster sessions will be held in the San Diego Convention Center inside the Exhibit Hall. Poster sessions are programmed Sunday through Tuesday. Further details regarding poster session assignments will be posted in August.


Q. How soon can I get into the Exhibit Hall to set up my poster? When must I remove my poster?
A. Details will be posted on the meeting website in August.


Q. Do you have guidelines for speakers in plenary and platform sessions?
A. Yes, these will be posted on the meeting website in August.


Q. How do I cite an abstract?
A. Click HERE to review a suggested format.



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