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2014 Support Opportunities


ASHG welcomes the generous support of your organization for the 2014 Annual Meeting.

We invite you to look through this selection of opportunities and allow us to help meet your goals. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to gain widespread exposure for your organization at the largest human genetics meeting in the world.


Why Sponsor? An Invitation to Support and Promote Genetics Research


As the world’s premier professional membership organization for human geneticists, the American Society of Human Genetics is seeking support for the enhancement of the Annual Meeting to ensure the inclusion of not only the world’s most prominent scientists, but representation of scientific communities from all areas of the globe, including underrepresented and developing countries.

Whether you are looking to promote company awareness or enhance brand image and visibility, your support of the 2014 Annual Meeting will demonstrate your company’s commitment to genetics research to the meeting attendees and the human genetics community. Your organization is invited to consider a unique partnership that will provide you the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of professionals from the genetics global community.


In addition to the listed benefits for each opportunity, all supporters’ company names and logos will appear in:

  • Program Book

  • Convention Center Signage and/or Banners

  • ASHG website (space permitting)

  • Session Walk-in Slides

Supporters will also receive a 50% discount on attendee mailing lists.

As an exclusive benefit, all supporters will receive priority booth assignment in 2015, meaning you choose your booth space before registration opens.


There are three areas of Support available:
Meeting Essentials Trainees Workshops



Support: Meeting Essentials


Supporters receive visibility and branding recognition while enhancing the attendees’ meeting experience. Supporting a meeting essential guarantees visibility for your company with leading scientists and researchers who are gathering to share information about and explore new opportunities in all facets of genetics research. Plus, you will provide a valuable item or service to attendees as they converge for what is expected to be another record-breaking year!


This is an opportunity to keep your company visible during the Annual Meeting, and in some cases, for many years to come. Support acknowledgement is specified for each item. The supporter would supply company logo and production is handled by ASHG in all cases except where specified.



New! ASHG Tweetup


Ever wonder what all of those people on Twitter or other social media look like in person? This is the chance for Twitter and other social media users to find out! The members of the ASHG communications committee will welcome fellow Tweeters and any other ASHG attendees who use social media like Twitter – or anyone who wants to learn – for drinks and conversation in a nearby restaurant on Saturday, October 18, 7:30-9:30 pm. This event is open to all ASHG attendees. The supporter will be invited to the Tweetup and be recognized with tweets from @GeneticsSociety. Support may also cover some food and beverage depending on support amount past $5,000.


New! Coffee Breaks

$10,000 - email for availability

ASHG provides coffee breaks before and after scientific sessions each day. Your support can cover one area in the convention center: outside of one set of session rooms (Hall B1, Ballroom 20, or Ballroom 6), or in the exhibit hall. Signage by the coffee stations will recognize your support via company name and logo. The supporter may provide corporate branded cocktail napkins to ASHG for placement at coffee stations. All other support benefits apply.


Conference Bags


Each meeting attendee receives a bag upon arrival in the registration area of the Convention Center. The sponsor’s corporate name and logo, the ASHG meeting logo, meeting dates and location will be imprinted on the bags. For the first time in ASHG's meeting history, the supporter may place a one-page flyer in the meeting bag. In 2014, attendees will pick up their meeting bag, stuffed with the Program, a 65 year commemorative edition of The American Journal of Human Genetics, and other promotional literature.


Convention Center Wi-Fi


As the exclusive sponsor of the wireless network, you will enable attendees to access the Internet in public areas of the Convention Center to stay in touch with work and family. Attendees will see your company’s specialized launch page of your design in order to log in to the network. The launch page may feature a corporate logo (not product) and page content must be approved by ASHG.




Internet stations are provided for all registrants for easy and free Internet access. Sponsor may have their company name and logo included on computer splash screens and on any panels in the Cybercafe area, near registration.


New! Expo Lounge

$5,000 - two available

Brand a comfortable seating and networking area in the exhibit hall with your corporate logo! These expo lounges feature comfortable furniture and tables, and provide a space for meeting attendees to chat with colleagues, check their Program Books, and just relax. ASHG will place a water cooler in each lounge so attendees stay hydrated! Support also includes two branded tabletop 24” diameter clings in each lounge, where you can feature your product advertisement.


New! Ice Cream Social Poster Session

$15,000 - two available (Sunday and Tuesday)

Provide sweet treats to 2,000 meeting attendees as they participate in daily poster sessions in the exhibit hall! Your corporate name and logo will be placed on 22” x 28” signs near the ice cream stations and your company may provide branded cocktail napkins if desired. All other sponsor benefits apply.


Mobile App


Available beginning in mid-September to all potential meeting attendees and interested mobile users who are not attending the meeting, this official mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The app will allow the user to view the schedule of events, search abstracts, and access program descriptions, poster presentations, and exhibitor listings at their fingertips. The app will provide users with convention center maps and the most recent updates to the program, and will even allow them to bookmark pages and create a personalized schedule. This opportunity is a highly visible way for your message to reach attendees during the meeting. Support of the app includes your corporate logo on the loading screen and other placement to be determined.

The app was downloaded by 4,577 people and was opened over 57,000 times. There were 248,510 impressions. Banners were viewed 885,133 times and tapped 1,139 times.


Online Abstract Viewer


This is the second most viewed page on the meeting website, behind only the homepage. This full-content abstract search provides attendees with an array of searching tools, the ability to create an account, and to save their results and build a schedule. In 2010, the login/search page was viewed over 75,000 times. This search program is widely used years after the meeting, providing you with enduring exposure. Your support includes a company name and logo prominently on the page, which will be displayed for the search and the results.



Click here for more information


If you do not see a support item that fits with your company’s goals, we are happy to work together for a customized option. Please contact:

     Carrie Morin, ASHG Exhibits Manager | (301) 634-7311 | Email:



Support: Trainees


Who are Trainees and why are they important?

Trainees are graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in programs that prepare them for careers in genetics. Training programs are typically two to six years long, and they may be focused on basic research, translational/applied research, or clinical practice. Degrees may include master’s (e.g., in genetic counseling), PhD (e.g., for basic and applied researchers), and MD/MD-PhD (e.g., for clinicians and scientists). Ultimately, trainees are preparing for careers as independent scientists or providers. Trainees use genetics and life science products and services daily and, as a result, are close to new technologies. Indeed, trainees often play a key role in purchasing decisions.

ASHG has a trainee-focused meeting track, distributes special awards, and nurtures these important young scientists and clinicians. Support of trainee programs demonstrates a commitment to the genetics community in the early stages of trainees’ careers.

NEW! Trainee Peer Networking Breakfast


New this year, trainees will have a dedicated opportunity to network with peers attending the meeting, meet potential collaborators, and make new friends. Breakfast will be provided at this ticketed event. Support will offset food and beverage costs for participants. The supporter’s company name will be listed on the ticket and the company name and logo will be on signage outside the meeting room. All other meeting sponsor benefits and recognition apply.

Trainee-Mentor Luncheon


This prestigious and high-profile event is a wonderful opportunity for trainees (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical fellows) to meet and talk informally with luminaries in the field of human genetics and high profile, longtime members of the Society about career options, goals, and professional opportunities. The luncheon is held on the first day of the meeting so that students can continue their discussions with these mentors during the course of the meeting. Trainees and mentors are required to purchase tickets to attend this important networking session. Support helps offset the costs of the meeting room and food and beverages, and will be acknowledged with the company’s name on the luncheon ticket, as well as signage outside the room and a walk-in slide featuring the company’s corporate logo.


Trainee Development Program and Networking Session

$5,000 and up

This event is organized by the ASHG Professional Development Committee. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows will participate in workshop-oriented career development. The Networking Session following the workshop session includes drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres and is open to all trainees who would like to meet and network with representatives from industry, academe, nonprofits, education, law, science policy, forensics, counseling, etc. Trainees are encouraged to bring their business cards. The event is limited to 250 attendees, and your generous support would help offset audiovisual and meeting room costs. Supporters would be acknowledged with signage outside the meeting room and a walk-in slide, both including corporate logo. For an additional $2,500, the supporter is also welcome to host a table with company representatives to network with Trainees looking for more information about genetics careers in industry.


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If you do not see a support item that fits with your company’s goals, we are happy to work together for a customized option. Please contact:

     Carrie Morin, ASHG Exhibits Manager | (301) 634-7311 | Email:



Support: Workshops


ASHG hosts a variety of hands-on and practical workshops during the lunch period each day of the Annual Meeting. Workshops range from interactive sessions using online genetic tools like Ensembl to the always-popular Diagnostic Challenges, where attendees share data from their most rare and unusual cases. Support of each workshop is $5,000 and will feature the supporter's name and corporate logo on a walk-in slide before the workshops, and recognition on meeting signs and in the Program Book.


Available workshops for support:

  • Ensembl Highlights (Intermediate/Advanced Workshop)

  • Epigenomic Annotation of Genetic Variants Using The Washington University Epigenome Browser

  • Diagnostic Challenges: Review and Discussion of Unique Cases

  • Behind the Scenes: Mock NIH Study Section Workshop

  • iSeqTools to Demistify the Cloud and Genomics Analysis for Researchers Seeking Ways to Analyze High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Data

  • Advanced Features of the UCSC Genome Browser

  • Behind the Scenes: ASHG Publications Workshop

  • Clinical Genomics at NCBI

  • Best Practices for Variant Discovery with the GATK

Workshop descriptions can be found here.


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If you do not see a support item that fits with your company’s goals, we are happy to work together for a customized option. Please contact:

     Carrie Morin, ASHG Exhibits Manager | (301) 634-7311 | Email:





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