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Thursday, October 24
Concurrent Platform (abstract-driven)
Session B (19-27)
SESSION 21 – Genetic Epidemiology: Applications and
Grand Ballroom West, Level 3, Convention Center
Jo Knight, Ctr. for Addiction and Ment.
Hlth., Ontario; Braxton D. Mitchell, Univ. of Maryland
Sch. of Med., Baltimore
The effect of CAD/MI SNPs on other
vascular domains and the relation with recurrent
vascular events.
V. Tragante, P. A. F. M. Doevendans,
H. M. Nathoe, Y. van der Graaf, W. Spiering, A. Algra,
G. J. de Borst, P. I. W. de Bakker, F. W. Asselbergs.
Multi-trait meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies of lipid levels and BMI reveals
V. Lagou, R. Mägi, I. Surakka, A.-P. Sarin,
M. Horikoshi, L. Marullo, T. Ferreira, G. Thorleifsson,
S. Hägg, M. Beekman, C. Ladenvall, A. Mahajan, J.-J.
Hottenga, J. S. Ried, T. W. Winkler, C. Willenborg, M.
I. McCarthy, A. P. Morris, S. Ripatti, I. Prokopenko,
ENGAGE (European Network for Genetic and Genomic
Epidemiology) Consortium.
Genome-wide association with fasting
glucose and insulin in 20,200 African Americans
suggests new quantitative trait loci and allelic
heterogeneity at known loci: The African American
Glucose and Insulin Genetic Epidemiology
AAGILE) Consortium.
J. Meigs, M.-F. Hivert, A.
Morris, M. Li, M. Ng, J. Liu, R. Jensen, X. Guo, L.
Yanek, M. Nalls, L. Bielak, M. Irvin, W.-M. Chen,
P. An, E. Kabagambe, B. Cade, J. Wilson, MAGIC
Investigators, J. Hong, D. Rybin, C.-T. Liu, AAGILE
Harnessing Web 2.0 social networks
for genetic epidemiology studies with millions
of people.
Y. Erlich, J. Kaplanis, M. Gershovits, P.
Nagaraj, D. MacArthur, A. Price.
Integrated model of multiple types of
rare variants and prior information improves the
power of detecting risk genes for autism.
X. He,
S. J. Sanders, L. Liu, S. D. De Rubeis, E. T. Lim, J. S.
Sutcliffe, G. D. Schellenberg, R. A. Gibbs, M. J. Daly,
J. B. Buxbaum, M. W. State, B. Devlin, K. Roeder.
Tests of aggregate rare variant
association applied to a multiethnic sequencing
A. D. Ablorh, S. Lindstrom, C. A. Haiman, B. E.
Henderson, L. Le Marchand, S. Lee, D. O. Stram, P.
Whole-genome sequence based
association studies of complex traits: The UK10K
N. Timpson, UK10K Consortium: Cohorts.
Genetic variation associated with the
susceptibility to herpes zoster in the eMERGE
D. Crosslin, D. Carrell, E. Baldwin, M. de
Andrade, I. Kullo, G. Tromp, H. Kuivaniemi, K. Doheny,
E. Pugh, A. Kho, M. Hayes, M. Ritchie, S. Verma, G.
Armstrong, A. Saip, J. Denny, D. Crawford, P. Crane,
S. Mukherjee, E. Bottinger, T. Manolio, R. Li, A. Burt,
D. Kim, B. Keating, D. Mirel, E. Larson, C. Carlson,
G. Jarvik, electronic Medical Records and Genomics
eMERGE) Network.
Whole-genome detection of disease-
associated deletions or excess homozygosity in
a case-control study of rheumatoid arthritis.
C. C.
Wu, S. Shete, E. J. Jo, Y. Xu, E. Y. Lu, W. V. Chen, C.
I. Amos.