Page 83 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

Curt Stern Award: Presentation and Lecture
am – 9:10 am, Hall B2, Level 0
This award is presented annually for outstanding scientific achievements in ­human
genetics occurring during the last 10 years. The work may be a single major
discovery or a series of contributions on a similar or related topic. This award ­honors
the memory of Curt Stern (1902-1981) as an outstanding and pioneering human
geneticist. Dr. John Moran, University of Michigan, will receive the 2013 Curt Stern
Award. An acceptance lecture is scheduled. See page 124 for a description of this
session and a list of past winners.
Closing Distinguished Speakers Symposium
am – 1:15 pm, Hall B2, Level 0
This symposium, organized by Jeff Murray, 2013 President, and Andrew Clark,
Program Chair, will provide the ASHG community with an update from a trio
of ­trailblazing experts on the state of the art in systems biology and its applications
to medical genetics. Aviv Regev, Marc Vidal, and Garry Nolan will provide varying
perspectives on the use of omics data to build predictive models of physiological
states of the cell and the organism, including disease states. See page 128 for further