Page 81 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

Trainee Development Program
Career Resources/Professional Development Theater, Exhibit Hall
Space is limited to 50 participants per workshop, on a first-come, first-served basis.
The following sessions are organized by the ASHG Professional Development
Committee. Two 45-minute sessions will be presented by FASEB Career ­Services and
will address topics relevant to the career development of trainees.
pm – 1:15 pm
Academic Job Search: CVs, Letters, Statements, and Start-Ups
Bill Lindstaedt)
This workshop will present information on how to organize your academic job
search, including advice on the various components of an application package.
A mock faculty-search committee exercise will teach you how to construct or
improve a CV. You will then gain tips for writing cover letters, creating statements
that will present you in the most positive light possible. Finally, you will learn
valuable ­information about the content and process involved in negotiating for
start-up ­packages.
pm – 2:00 pm
Postdocs: What You Should be Looking for and How to Find It
Andrew Green)
Many PhDs just kind of fall into a postdoc, rather than thinking about it from a
strategic perspective. Your postdoc is never an end in itself; rather it’s a means to
another end, whether that goal is a faculty position at a research university or a
small college, or perhaps an industry job. Learn how to find postdoc ­opportunities
that will best prepare you for that next step, and how to use your postdoc
experience to facilitate the transition to your next position.
Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Education: Presentation and Lecture
pm – 4:50 pm, Hall B2, Level 0
This award recognizes outstanding contributions to human genetics ­education.
Nominees for this award must have made a contribution that is recognized ­nationally
or internationally as being of exceptional quality and great importance to human
genetics education. Dr. Jessica Davis, Weill Cornell Medical College, will receive the
Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Education. An acceptance ­lecture is
scheduled. See page 119 for a description of this session and a list of past winners.
William Allan Award: Presentation and Lecture
pm – 5:30 pm, Hall B2, Level 0
TheWilliamAllan Award is presented annually to recognize substantial and ­far-­reaching
scientific contributions to human genetics, carried out over a sustained period of
scientific inquiry and productivity. Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti, Johns Hopkins University,
will receive the 2013 William Allan Award. An acceptance lecture is scheduled. See
page 120 for a description of this session and a list of past winners.