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Tipping Guidelines: Tipping is expected in the U.S. Below are some guidelines to follow:
Waiters usually receive 15–20% of the bill. In some cases, the tip is automatically
added to your bill. You should always check before adding a gratuity.
Maids usually receive $1-$2 per room per day. You should leave the tip daily and
not at the end of your stay.
Taxi drivers usually receive 15% of the fare. See section below for taxi
information and important information regarding wait times.
Doormen, skycaps, and porters usually receive $1/bag
Transportation/Getting Around
Boston has several transportation options to help you navigate easily throughout the
city. For real-time traffic information in the Boston area, visit
select Boston or dial 511 on your mobile phone.
Taxi service is available from Logan International Airport. Current fares are
approximately $25-$35 each way. Please refer to the bus section below for free
transportation information on the Silver Line. The following is a list of some of the taxi
associations in Boston:
Boston Cab:
City Cab:
Independent Taxi (ITOA):
Metro Cab:
Top Cab:
Town Taxi:
Plan ahead when using taxis.
Wait time can be anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, even
at the headquarters hotel and Convention Center.
The T:
Boston’s public transportation system is operated by the Massachusetts Bay
Transportation Authority, but locals know it simply as the
It offers subway, bus,
trolley car, and boat service to just about everywhere in the Greater Boston area and
beyond. The closest stop to the Convention Center (BCEC) is South Station, which is
approximately 0.75 miles or a 15-minute walk. You can take the Silver Line bus from
South Station to the World Trade Center station for a shorter walk of approximately
five minutes. To ride the T, you need to purchase a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. These
can be purchased at every subway station. The basic fare is $2 and kids under 11 ride
free. For specific information on routes and schedules, visit
Bus Service:
All intercity/interstate buses depart from South Station. Ticket counters
are located on the third level of the Transportation Center. For information, call the
South Station Bus Terminal at 617-737-8040. You can ride the Silver Line for direct
service to and from Logan International Airport. Buses depart from all terminals and
take you to World Trade Center stop (the closest stop for the Convention Center).
Buses run daily, every 10-12 minutes. Check the SL1 timetable at
or call
This service is currently free (subject to change).