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W Genomic analysis of inherited breast cancer
among Palestinian women.
S. Lolas-Hamameh, D.
Dweik, F. Fostira, T. Walsh, M. K. Lee, S. Casadei, M. C.
King, E. Levy-Lahad, M. Kanaan.
T Prostate cancer risk regions in 8q24 and
q24 are differentially associated with somatic
fusion status.
C. Maier, A. E. Rinckleb,
M. Luedeke, J. L. Stanford, J. Schleutker, R. A. Eeles,
M. Teixeira, S. Weikert, J. Hoegel, L. M. FitzGerald, T.
Wahlfors, T. Visakorpi, K. A. Leinonen, T. L. J. Tammela,
C. S. Cooper, Z. Kote-Jarai, S. Edwards, P. Paulo, C.
Jéronimo, H. Krause, W. Vogel, S. Benlloch, A. Amin Al
Olama, D. F. Easton, PRACTICAL Consortium.
F Identification of susceptibility loci in he editary
prostate cancer families using copy number variation
and linkage analysis.
D. Mandal, E. Ledet, J. E. Bailey-
Wilson, M. Li.
W A systems biology approach reveals novel
mechanisms associated with cancer metastasis in
EMT-MET cell reprogramming.
R. C. McEachin, H. Roca.
T Copy number variation of the antimicrobial-
gene, defensin beta 4, is associated with susceptibility
to cervical cancer.
K. Miura, S. Abe, A. Kinoshita, H.
Mishima, S. Miura, K. I. Yoshiura, H. Masuzaki.
F Effects of waterpipe smoking on gene
Z. Montazeri, H. El katerji, J. Gomes, J. Little.
W Upregulation of TRF1 and TRF2 (telomere
repeat binding factors) protein contributes to telomere
shortening in renal cell carcinoma.
D. Pal, U. Sharma, R.
Khajuria, S. K. Singh, N. Kakkar, R. Prasad.
T Screening of
in breast cancer families.
L. M. Pelttari, S. Vilske, C. Blomqvist, K. Aittomäki, H.
F Large-scale resequencing analysis of six
melanoma susceptibility genes in the European
Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
M. Pertesi, N. Forey, J. Oliver, N. Robinot, C.
Voegele, EPIC Skin Cancer Working Group, F. Le Calvez-
Kelm, J. McKay, F. Lesueur.
W K939Q polymorphism in the
gene may not
affect the risk of bladder cancer: A case-control study
and a meta-analysis.
M. Sankhwar, S. N. Sankhwar, N.
Gupta, A. Abhishek, S. Rajender.
T COMPLEXO: Identifying the missing heritability
of breast cancer via next-generation collaboration.
C. Southey, D. E. Goldgar, COMPLEXO.
F Common genetic polymorphisms in the
coagulation factors 5 and 10 genes are associated
with risk of breast cancer and correlate with increased
coagulation activity.
M. Tinholt, M. K. Viken, S. Nyberg,
A. L. Børresen-Dale, V. Kristensen, K. K. Sahlberg, R.
Kåresen, E. Schlichting, O. Garred, G. Skretting, A. E.
Dahm, B. A. Lie, P. M. Sandset, N. Iversen.
T Loss in the function and homeostasis of the PDE
family might inflict on the cAMP and cGMP signaling
and lead to the development of prostate cancer.
R. B.
de Alexandre, A. Horvath, A. D. Manning, N. Hatipoglu,
F. Kardauke, D. Carraro, F. Soares, M. Nesterova, C.
Stratakis, F. R. Faucz.
F Genetic variants in miR-499a, miR-938 and miR-
are associated with gastric cancer in Europeans
from the EPIC-EURGAST study.
Y. Espinosa-Parrilla, X.
Muñoz, I. Torruella-Loran, C. Bonet, N. Garcia, E. Riboli, C.
A. Gonzalez, N. Sala.
W Bladder cancer susceptibility variants within
are associated with mRNA expression of
an alternative splicing form.
Y. P. Fu, I. Kohaar, W.
Tang, P. Porter-Gill, J. D. Figueroa, M. Garcia-Colsas,
N. Chatterjee, N. Malats, M. Kogevinas, D. Baris, D.
Albanes, A. Carrato, A. Tardón, C. Serra, R. García-Closas,
J. Lloreta, A. Johnson, M. Schwenn, M. R. Karagas,
A. Schned, W. R. Diver, S. M. Gapstur, E. Jacobs, J.
Virtamo, F. X. Real, S. J. Chanock, J. F. Fraumeni, Jr., D. T.
Silverman, N. Rothman, L. Prokunina-Olsson.
T Few mutations in known high-risk gastric
cancer susceptibility genes in Chinese gastric cancer
A. M. Goldstein, N. Hu, L.-J. He, X.-Y. Han, J.
He, M. Rotunno, M. Malasky, H. Su, L. Wang, C. Wang, L.
Burdett, B. Hicks, K. Jones, J. Boland, A. Hutchinson, M.
Yeager, T. Ding, C. Giffen, M. A. Tucker, S. J. Chanock, M.
Lee, P. R. Taylor.
F Transcriptome analysis reveals novel gene
coding variants and fusion transcripts in infant acute
lymphoblastic leukemia.
A. M. Gout, R. S. Kotecha, J.
Ford, R. W. Francis, A. H. Beesley, M. N. Cruickshank, U.
R. Kees.
W Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
and cognitive dysfunction: Role of genetic variation.
K. Holohan, Y. Wang, B. C. McDonald, S. K. Conroy, D. J.
Smith, J. D. West, K. Nho, S. Kim, A. J. Saykin.
T Occult hepatitis B and carcinogenic markers in
chronic hepatitis C infection.
R. M. T. Issa.
F Fine mapping of the Finnish hereditary prostate
cancer linked loci at 2q37 and 17q12-q22.
V. H. Laitinen,
T. Rantapero, D. Fischer, E. M. Vuorinen, T. L. J. Tammela,
T. Wahlfors, J. Schleutker.
W Novel
fusion gene found in
follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer.
S. Lee, H.-
G. Jee, K. Lee, J.-S. Seo.
T Sequence variants in
and breast cancer
susceptibility: Results from the Breast Cancer Family
Registry study.
F. Lesueur, F. Damiola, N. Robinot, N.
Forey, G. Durand, C. Voegele, M. P. Vallée, J. L. Hopper,
M. C. Southey, I. L. Andrulis, E. M. John, S. V. Tavtigian,
Breast Cancer Family Registry.
F Field synopses of genetic variation in colorectal
J. Little, H. Campbel, G. Gresham, Z.
Montazeri, S. Sivakumaran, E. Theodoratou.