Page 210 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T The impact of background selection on fine
scale population structure in humans.
R. Torres, R. D.
F Evaluating the impact of sex-biased
demography and selection on genomic patterns of
human diversity.
A. Walia, W. Fu, S. Ramachandran.
W Estimation of effective population size and
divergence time of modern human populations
suggest recent gene flow between Eu opean and
African populations.
S. Xu, P. Qin, D. Lu, L. Zhao.
T Spatial localization at each locus in the genome.
W. Yang, A. Platt, C. Chiang, E. Eskin, J. Novembre, B.
F Separation of the largest eigenvalues in
eigenanalysis of genotype data from discrete
K. Bryc, W. Bryc, J. W. Silverstein.
W Detection of identity-by-descent in whole
exome sequencing data.
W. Fu, M. J. Bamshad, D. A.
Nickerson, J. M. Akey, NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project.
T The timing and history of Neandertal gene flow
into modern humans.
S. Sankararaman, N. Patterson, S.
Pääbo, D. Reich.
F A method for computing the exact distribution
of the genealogical history of a sample derived from a
structured population.
M. Uyenoyama, S. Kumagai.
W Rare variant stratification in small geographic
S. Zöllner, M. Mueller-Nurasyid, M. Zawistowski,
M. Reppell, J. Novembre, K. Wolf, A. Peters, H. Grallert,
K. Strauch.
T Response of carrier frequency to a population
bottleneck can quantify the amount of recessive
D. J. Balick, R. Do, D. E. Reich, S. R. Sunyaev.
F Whole genome sequencing informs genealogy
and the search for genetic modifiers in a
early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease cohort.
C. Cox, M. Lalli, D. E. Mauldin, H. Li, M. Brunkow, M.
L. Arcilia, G. Garcia, L. Madrigal, S. Moreno, K. S. Kosik,
L. Hood, J. Roach, G. Glusman, F. Lopera.
W Integration of low coverage whole genome
sequence from the Kuusamo Finnish isolate with 1000
Genomes Project data provides an improved population
reference panel.
A.-P. Sarin, K. Palin, I. Zara, K. Rehnstrom,
M. Perola, V. Salomaa, A. Palotie, S. Ripatti, R. Durbin.
T Genealogical evidence of allele frequency
shuffling explains egional genetic structure in a
founder population.
C. Bherer, L. Excoffier, M. H. Roy-
Gagnon, J. Hussin, H. Vézina, D. Labuda.
F Genetic characterisation of two Greek
population isolates.
K. Hatzikotoulas, K. Panoutsopoulou,
I. Tachmazidou, L. Southam, D. Xifara, L. Moutsianas,
A. Farmaki, A. Matchan, N. W. Rayner, C. Kiagiadaki, E.
Tsafantakis, I. Ntalla, M. Karaleftheri, G. Dedoussis, E. Zeggini.
F The CARTaGENE genomics project: Population
structure, local ancestry contributions and relatedness
analysis of the French Canadian founder population.
Gauvin, Y. Idaghdour, J. Hussin, J.-P. Goulet, J.-C. Grenier,
M. Capredon, A. Hodgkinson, T. de Malliard, V. Bruat, E.
Gbeha, E. Hip-Ki, P. Awadalla.
W Reconstruction of ancestral human genomes
from genome-wide DNA matches.
J. M. Granka, R. E.
Curtis, J. K. Byrnes, M. J. Barber, N. M. Myres, K. Noto,
Y. Wang, C. A. Ball, K. G. Chahine.
T The population history of African and Caribbean
vervet monkeys inferred from 130 whole-genome-
sequenced samples.
Y. Huang, H. Svardal, C. A. Schmitt,
A. J. Jasinska, J. Wasserscheid, N. Juretic, Y. J. Jung, M.
Muller-Trutwin, B. Jacquelin, M. Antonio, M. Dione, J. P.
Grobler, R. K. Wilson, K. Dewar, W. Warren, G. Weinstock,
T. R. Turner, M. Nordborg, N. B. Freimer, First two authors
contributed equally.
F The Sherpa and Tibetans share a common
genetic history and adaptations to high altitude.
Jeong, D. B. Witonsky, G. Alkorta-Aranburu, B. Basnyat,
M. Neupane, J. K. Pritchard, C. M. Beall, A. Di Rienzo.
W The genetic architecture of skin pigmentation
in Southern Africa.
A. R. Martin, J. M. Granka, C. R.
Gignoux, M. Möller, C. J. Werely, J. M. Kidd, M. W.
Feldman, E. G. Hoal, C. D. Bustamante, B. M. Henn.
T A novel likelihood ratio test for sex-bias and
the effect of cryptic sex-bias on the estimation of
demographic parameters.
S. Musharoff, S. Shringarpure,
C. D. Bustamante, S. Ramachandran.
F Y-chromosomal variation in native South
Americans: Bright dots on a gray canvas.
M. Nothnagel,
L. Roewer, L. Gusmão, V. Gomes, M. González, D. Corach,
A. Sala, E. Alechine, T. Palha, N. Santos, A. Ribeiro-dos-
Santos, M. Geppert, S. Willuweit, M. Nagy, S. Zweynert,
M. Baeta, C. Núñez, B. Martínez-Jarreta, F. González-
Andrade, E. Fagundes de Carvalho, D. Aparecida da Silva,
J. José Builes, D. Turbón, A. Maria Lopez Parra, E. Arroyo-
Pardo, U. Toscanini, L. Borjas, C. Barletta, S. Santos, M.
W Analysis of haplotype sharing and recent
demographic history in the Netherlands.
P. Palamara, I.
Pe’er, Genome of the Netherlands Consortium.
T Limitations to determining genetic history in the
recombinant genome and connection to demographic
events from samples of modern populations.
D. Platt,
F. Utro, L. Parida.
F Analyses of exome variants suggest enrichment
for functionally-important variants during human
expansion into the Americas.
S. Ramachandran,
J. J. Yang.
W Whole exome sequencing of 126 Northeast
Asian individuals including Korean, Chinese, Japanese,
and Mongolian ethnicities.
A. Rhie, S. Lee, W. Roh,
J. Shin, J. I. Kim, J. S. Seo.