Page 209 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
W Identification of signals of ecent selection
in the Sea Island Gullah African Americans.
S. P.
Sajuthi, J. Divers, Y. Huang, U. Nayak, W. Chen, K. J.
Hunt, D. L. Kamen, G. S. Gilkeson, J. K. Fernandes, I.
J. Spruill, C. D. Langefeld, W. T. Garvey, M. M. Sale, P.
S. Ramos.
T Population structure and selection pressures:
Short indels and structural variants from NGS in
Dutch trios.
A. Abdellaoui, V. Guryev, L. Francioli,
J. Y. Hehir-Kwa, W. Kloosterman, T. Marschall, A.
Schoenhuth, E. Lameijer, S. Koval, F. Hormozdiari, J.
de Ligt, N. Amin, F. van Dijk, L. Karssen, H. Mei, E. E.
Eichler, D. I. Boomsma, K. Ye, Genome of Netherlands
F Reconciling migration models to the americas
with the variation of North American Native
A. Achilli, U. A. Perego, H. Lancioni, A.
Olivieri, F. Gandini, B. Hooshiar Kashani, V. Battaglia, V.
Grugni, N. Angerhofer, M. P. Rogers, R. J. Herrera, S. R.
Woodward, D. Labuda, D. Glenn Smith, J. S. Cybulski, O.
Semino, R. S. Malhi, A. Torroni.
W Data from extended 1000 Genomes phase
I populations refine comparison of X-linked and
autosomal population genetic patterns.
L. Arbiza, S.
Gottipati, A. Siepel, A. G. Clark, A. Keinan.
T Population differentiation of two Brazilian
populations inferred from non-genic Alu
insertions and microsatellites of the class I major
histocompatibility complex.
A. C. Arcanjo, H. A.
Sakata, R. C. P. Toledo, E. C. Castelli, H. R. Magaldi, J.
A. Peña, S. F. Oliveira.
F Y chromosomal sequences from southern Africa
allow direct comparison of paternal and maternal
C. Barbieri, S. Lippold, R. Schröder, S. W.
Mpoloka, M. Stoneking, B. Pakendorf.
W Population structure in five Mennonite
K. G. Beaty, P. E. Melton, M. J. Mosher, M.
H. Crawford.
T Identity by descent segment detection in
sequence data.
B. L. Browning, S. R. Browning.
F Synthesizing genetic and genealogical data
to trace historical waves of European and African
immigration to the United States.
J. K. Byrnes, J. M.
Granka, K. Noto, R. E. Curtis, Y. Wang, M. J. Barber, N. M.
Myres, C. A. Ball, K. G. Chahine.
W Population demography and maternal history
of Oceania.
A. T. Duggan, B. Evans, M. Kayser, R. J.
Trent, D. A. Merriwether, G. Koki, F. R. Friedlaender, J. S.
Friedlaender, M. Stoneking.
T The Saudi Arabian genome reveals a two step
Out-of-Africa migration.
J. J. Farrell, A. K. Al-Ali, L. A.
Farrer, A. N. Al-Nafaie, A. M. Al-Rubaish, E. Melista, Z.
Naserullah, A. Alsuliman, P. Sebastiani, M. H. Steinberg,
C. T. Baldwin.
T Principal component analysis reveals the 1000
Genomes Project does not sufficiently cover the
human genetic diversity in Asia.
D. Lu, S. Xu.
F The Iranian Genomes Project.
R. Daneshjou, M.
Ronaghi, C. D. Bustamante, P. C. Sabeti, R. B. Altman.
W Morphometric and ancient DNA study of human
skeletal remanants in Indian subcontinent.
N. Rai, M.
Mirazon Lahr, L. Singh, K. Thangaraj.
T No significant di ferences in the accumulation
of deleterious mutations across diverse human
R. Do, D. Balick, I. Adzhubey, S. Sunyaev,
D. Reich.
F Y chromosomes of ancient Hunnu people and
its implication on the phylogeny of East Asian linguistic
L. L. Kang, T. B. Jin, F. Wu, X. Ao, S. Q. Wen, C.
C. Wang, Y. Z. Huang, X. L. Li, H. Li.
W Admixture in the pre-Columbian Caribbean.
C. Martinez-Cruzado, E. P. Tascón-Peñaranda, F. Curbelo-
Canabal, T. Porrata-Doria, C. Eng, E. G. Burchard.
T Resequencing of Australian Aboriginal mtDNA
and Y chromosomes.
Y. Xue, M. Cerezo Fernandez, Y.
Chen, S. McCarthy, M. O. Pollard, Q. Ayub, N. Nagle, P.
McAllister, R. J. Mitchell, C. Tyler-Smith.
F The possible role of social selection in the
distribution of the Proto-Mongolian haplotype in
Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and other Eurasian
M. Zhabagin, P. Tarlykov, Z. Sabitov, H.
Dibirova, A. Bogunova, I. Tazhigulova, S. Frolova, Z.
Isakova, A. Nimadava, I. Zakharov, O. Balanovsky.
W Y-chromosome diversity in Mayan, Ch’ol, and
Chontal populations from Campeche and Tabasco.
Quinto, M. A. Meraz, R. Camacho, T. Schurr, M. Vilar, G.
Noris, C. Santana, J. B. Gaieski, A. C. Owings, R. Gómez.
T Juxtapositions of short IBD blocks can cause
biased estimation in inferences based on the length of
IBD blocks.
C. W. K. Chiang, J. Novembre.
F Improved detection of ancient hominin
admixture in modern humans.
S. R. Browning, B. Vernot,
B. L. Browning, J. M. Akey.
W The theoretical accuracy of deterministic
approximations to coalescent formulas.
E. M. Jewett,
N. A. Rosenberg.
T DNA-based detection of glucose 6-phosphate
dehydrogenase (
deficiency alleles in an Easte n
Caribbean population.
C. Gupta, L. Deschênes, C.
Headland, I. McIntosh.
F Insights on the evolutionary history of
Tibetans from whole-genome sequence data.
H. Hu,
T. Simonson, G. Glusman, J. Roach, G. Cavalleri, M.
Brunkow, M. McCormack, N. Petousi, P. Lorenzo, R.
Gelinas, L. Jorde, J. Prchal, P. Robbins, C. Huff.