Page 208 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
F Host genetics and human adaptation to Lassa
hemorrhagic fever in West Africa.
S. Tabrizi, R. Tariyal,
I. Shlyakhter, S. F. Schaffner, S. K. Gire, M. S. Stremlau,
E. K. Karlsson, K. G. Andersen, E. Phelan, L. M. Moses,
W. Omoniwa, I. Odia, P. E. Ehiane, O. Folarin, A. Tareila,
L. M. Branco, J. S. Schieffelin, D. Levy, S. Gunther, D. S.
Grant, G. O. Akpede, D. A. Asogun, P. O. Okokhere, R. F.
Garry, C. T. Happi, P. C. Sabeti, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
W Characterizing positive natural selection in
Asian urban and indigenous populations.
X. Liu, R.T.-H.
Ong, W. Y. Saw, A. Mohammad, Y. Y. Teo, HUGO Pan-
Asian SNP Consortium.
T Sensitivity of haplotype signatures of negative
selection under different demographic scenarios.
D. Ortega Del Vecchyo, M. Ehm, M. Nelson, S. Zollner,
K. Lohmueller, J. Novembre.
F Identification of egions under positive selection
in the Gullah African American population of South
P. S. Ramos, S. P. Sajuthi, J. Divers, Y. Huang,
U. Nayak, W. M. Chen, K. J. Hunt, D. L. Kamen, G. S.
Gilkeson, J. K. Frenandes, I. J. Spruill, C. D. Langefeld,
W. T. Garvey, M. M. Sale.
W Identification of a Tibetan-specific mutatio
in the hypoxic gene
and its contribution to
high-altitude adaptation.
B. Su, K. Xiang, Ouzhuluobu,
Y. Peng, Z. Yang, X. Zhang, C. Cui, H. Zhang, M. Li, Y.
Zhang, Bianba, Gonggalanzi, Basang, Ciwangsangbu,
T. Wu, H. Chen, H. Shi, X. Qi.
T Fluctuating and geographically specific
selection characterize rapid evolution of the human
killer immunoglobulin-like receptor locus.
J. A.
Hollenbach, P. J. Norman, J. I. Rotter, E. A. Trachtenberg,
P. Parham, K. D. Taylor.
F Inference of natural selection and demographic
history for African Pygmy hunter-gatherers.
P. H. Hsieh,
K. R. Veeramah, J. Lachance, S. A. Tishkoff, J. D. Wall, M.
F. Hammer, R. N. Gutenkunst.
W Forward simulations of recurrent selection and
demographics with rescaled parameters.
L. H. Uricchio,
R. D. Hernandez.
T Variation in bone mineral density in children of
different ethnic backgrounds is explained by genetic
profiling: The Generation R Stud .
M. Medina Gomez,
D. H. M. Heppe, K. Estrada, L. Oei, A. Hofman, M. Kayser,
A. G. Uitterlinden, V. W. Jaddoe, O. Lao, F. Rivadeneira.
F Non-random geospatial distributions of
HLA-haplotypes in the United States.
N. P. Leahy, A.
Chatterjee, M. Albrecht, M. Maiers.
W Proportion of African ancestry in
is associated with increased severity of gastric
lesions in human hosts with high Amerindian ancestry.
N. Kodaman, A. Pazos, B. G. Schneider, R. Sobota, M. B.
Piazuelo, C. L. Shaffer, J. Romero-Gallo, T. de Sablet, L.
E. Bravo, K. Wilson, T. Cover, S. M. Williams, P. Correa.
W Neanderthal introgression at chromosome
p21.31 was under positive natural selection in East
Q. Ding, Y. Hu, S. Xu, J. Wang, L. Jin.
T Homozygous losses of human-specific neural
gene discovered in patients with intellectual
X. Nuttle, K. Witherspoon, C. Baker, B. Coe, M.
Fichera, J. Schuurs-Hoeijmakers, R. Bernier, J. Gecz, B. B.
A. de Vries, C. Romano, J. Shendure, E. Eichler.
F Most autosomal recessive diseases have no
frequent mutations that reflect inc eased carrier
fitness or mutation hotspots
M. A. H. Gener, R. V. Lebo.
W Multiple LD-independent signals of extreme
sub-population variation at a region associated with
type-2 diabetes suggests a non-neutral evolutionary
P. L. Babb, B. F. Voight.
T Analysis of type 2 diabetes and obesity variants
in Mexican Pima Indians: The Maycoba Project.
R. L.
Hanson, L. O. Schulz, P. H. Bennett, S. Kobes, R. C. Williams,
M. E. Valencia, J. Esparza-Romero, R. Urquidez-Romero, L.
S. Chaudhari, E. Ravussin, W. C. Knowler, L. J. Baier.
F Evolution, adaptation and disease perspectives
of Indian populations.
S. Nizamuddin, L. V. K. S. Bhaskar,
P. B. Gai, B. G. Venkatesh, M. Jyotsna, K. Thangaraj.
W Whole genome sequencing reveals past
population history and signature of natural selection
in a Japanese population.
A. Fujimoto, T. Abe, K.
Boroevich, K. Nakano, A. Sasaki, R. Kitada, H. Tanaka, Y.
Nakamura, S. Miyano, M. Kubo, H. Nakagawa, T. Tsunoda.
T Integrated natural selection and genome-wide
association scan for cholera resistance in Bangladesh.
E. K. Karlsson, S. Tabrizi, I. Shylakhter, F. Qadri, J. B.
Harris, R. C. LaRocque, P. C. Sabeti.
F Targeted analysis of immunogenetic diversity in
pre-Columbian Central Andean populations.
B. Llamas,
G. Valverde-Garnica, A. Cooper, W. Haak.
W Learning natural selection from the site frequency
R. Ronen, N. Udpa, E. Halperin, V. Bafna.
T Reconstructing bacterial phylogeny using
whole-genome deep-sequencing data.
Y. Lo, L. Zhang,
B. Foxman, S. Zöllner.
F The adaptive variant
is associated
with straight hair in East Asians.
J. Tan, Y. Yang, K. Tang,
P. Sabeti, L. Jin, S. Wang.
W Macrophages from African and European
populations respond differently to bacterial infection.
Y. Nédélec, A. Pagé Sabourin, V. Yotova, J. C. Grenier, N.
Cotta, L. B. Barreiro.
T Co-evolution of HLA class I with killer cell
immunoglobulin-like receptors in a sub-Saharan
African population.
P. J. Norman, J. A. Hollenbach,
N. Nemat-Gorgani1, L. A. Guethlein, H. G. Hilton, M. J.
Pando, K. Koram, E. M. Riley, L. Abi-Rached, P. Parham.