Page 205 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

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F AdmixKJump: Identifying population structure in
recently diverged groups.
T. O’Connor.
W Distribution of genetic ancestry and candidate
disease allele frequencies in Puerto Rico.
Y. Afanador,
I. Rivera, W. Guiblet, LGDS Consortium, M. Yeager, V.
Washington, J. C. Martinez-Cruzado, T. Oleksyk.
T Allelic frequency determination of asthma-
related single nucleotide polymorphisms and the
relation of genetic admixture in asthma disease
prevalence among Puerto Ricans.
I. Rivera, Y. Afanador,
C. Garcia, W. Guiblet, E. Suárez, J. C. Martinez-Cruzado,
T. K. Oleksyk, Local Genome Diversity Studies.
F Evidence for interaction of population-specific
alleles with genetic ancestry in juvenile
myoclonic epilepsy.
R. L. Subaran, J. M. Conte, W. C. L.
Sterart, D. A. G. Greenberg.
W Genomic scans for haplotypes of Denisova and
Neanderthal ancestry in modern human populations.
F. L. Mendez, M. F. Hammer.
T Admixture estimation in a founder population.
Y. Banda, M. Kvale, T. Hoffmann, S. Hesselson, H. Tang,
D. Ranatunga, L. Walter, C. Schaefer, P. Kwok, N. Risch.
F Using a haplotype-based model to infer Native
American colonization history.
C. Lewis, D. Balding,
S. Myers, G. Busby, C. Capelli, D. Falush, A. Ruiz-Linares,
G. Hellenthal.
W Diversity of the Mexican Mestizo population
using 18 X-STR.
E. Ortiz, G. Noris, C. Santana, M. A.
Meraz, R. Gómez.
T Native American, European and African
ancestry from genotype by sequencing in Argentinean
M. Muzzio, J. M. B. Motti, T. Cooke, L. S.
Jurado-Medina, M. C. Yee, A. Adams, J. Beltramo, R.
Santos, V. Ramallo, M. Schawb, O. Cornejo, G. Bailliet,
E. E. Kenny, C. M. Bravi, C. D. Bustamante.
F The genetics of craniofacial morphometry in
Latin America.
K. Adhikari, A. Ruiz-Linares.
W The centenarians of Nicoya, Costa Rica: A
genomic evolutionary approach.
J. Azofeifa, E. A. Ruiz-
Narvaez, A. Leal, L. Rosero-Bixby.
T Population structure and genetic diversity in a
population of 15,000 patients from East Harlem, NY.
Belbin, D. Ruderfer, E. A. Stahl, J. Jeff, Y. Lu, R. J. F. Loos,
O. Gottesman, S. Purcell, E. Bottinger, E. E. Kenny.
F Ultra fast and sample-aware local ancestry
inference using population-specific variants
R. P.
Brown, B. Pasaniuc.
W Y chromosomes in surname samples: Insights
into surname frequency and origin.
F. Calafell, N. Solé-
Morata, J. Bertranpetit, D. Comas.
W Telomere length in circulating leukocytes is
associated with lung function and disease.
E. Albrecht,
E. Sillanpää, S. Karrasch, A. Couto Alves, V. Codd, I.
Hovatta, J. L. Buxton, S. Hägg, M. Mangino, G. Willemsen,
K. H. Pietiläinen, C. P. Nelson, L. Broer, M. A. R. Ferreira,
I. Surakka, C. Gieger, N. G. Martin, N. L. Pedersen, D. I.
Broomsma, T. D. Spector, C. M. van Duijn, J. Kaprio, N. J.
Samani, M. R. Jarvelin, H. Schulz.
T How much does family history information add
to other risk factors when predicting a patient’s risk of
colorectal cancer?
L. Jonah, B. K. Potter, J. Little, J. C.
Carroll, Q. Hasanaj, J. Allanson, D. Castle, B. J. Wilson,
CIHR Emerging Team in Genomics in Screening.
F Population-based study of permanent teeth
agenesis in Japanese.
J. Machida, T. Nishiyama, S.
Yamaguchi, M. Kimura, A. Shibata, T. Tatematsu, Y. Abe,
S. Makino, H. Miyachi, K. Shimozato, Y. Tokita.
W Population Architecture using Genomics and
Epidemiology (PAGE): The association of trans-ethnic
genetic variation with glucose and insulin levels
in PAGE.
S. A. Rosse, C. S. Carlson, D. Crawford, J.
Haessler, C. A. Haiman, T. Matise, K. E. North, J. Pankow,
N. Pankratz, U. Peters, A. Young, C. Kooperberg.
T Estimating genetic correlations between traits
from summary statistics.
H. K. Finucane, S. Lindstrom,
A. L. Price.
F Derivation of a genome-wide significance
threshold for African populations.
M. D. Fortune,
I. Tachmazidou, E. Zeggini.
W Mediating genetic effects using twin data.
A. Ulgen, W. Li, J. Hjelmborg.
T Detecting recent coevolution through ancestry
association on different chromosomes in African
H. Wang, Y. Choi, X. Wang, B. Tayo, U.
Brockel, C. Hanis, S. Kardia, S. Redline, R. Cooper, N.
Risch, H. Tang, X. Zhu.
F Investigating bias due to population
stratification in pharmacogenetic studies
X. Chen, C.
Molony, C. Zhang, H. Zhou.
Evolutionary and Population Genetics
W Validation of an ancestry estimation analysis
method using a comparison of FRAPPE and
J. J. Bryan, K. Tang, R. Kittles, C. L. Mouritsen.
T Geographic population structure of worldwide
human populations infers biogeographical origin down
to home village.
E. Elhaik, T. Tatarinova, D. Chebotarev,
I. S. Piras, C. M. Calò, A. D. Montis, M. Atzori, M. Marini,
S. Tofanelli, P. Francalacci, L. Pagani, C. Tyler-Smith, Y.
Xue, G. Cucca, T. G. Schurr, J. B. Gaieski, C. Melendez,
M. G. Vilar, R. Gomez, R. Fujita, F. R. Santos, D. Comas,
O. Balanovsky, P. Zalloua, H. Soodyall, R. Pitchappan, A.
GaneshPrasad, M. Hammer, L. Matisoo-Smith, S. R. Wells.