Page 201 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T Kernel machine methods for joint testing and
integrative analysis of genome-wide methylation and
genotyping studies.
N. Zhao, M. Wu.
F Integrating multiple correlated phenotypes for
genetic association analysis through heritability.
Zhou, M. Cho, E. Silverman, N. Laird.
W Analyses assessing enrichment of GWAS
variants for non-coding annotations in the genome are
upwardly biased.
G. Trynka, B. Han, K. Slowikowski, H.
Xu, X. S. Liu, S. Raychaudhuri.
T dbVÖR: An open source database system for
managing phenotype and genotype information for
complex trait studies.
R. V. Baron, Y. P. Conley, M. B.
Gorin, D. E. Weeks.
F Mega2: Enhanced data-handling for facilitating
genetic linkage and association analyses.
C. P. Kollar,
R. V. Baron, N. Mukhopadhyay, D. E. Weeks.
W The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: Machine learning techniques for quality control
for 100,000 subjects genotyped on the Affymetrix®
Axiom® system.
M. Kvale, S. Hesselson, T. Hoffmann,
D. K. Ranatunga, J. Gollub, T. Webster, Y. Zhan, Y. Lu,
G. Mei, L. Walter, D. Ludwig, B. Dispensa, C. Schaefer,
P. Y. Kwok, N. Risch.
T FBAP: A pipeline for family-based quality control
of pedigree structures and dense genetic marker data.
A. Q. Nato, N. H. Chapman, C. Y. K. Cheung, Z. Brkanac,
E. M. Wijsman.
F Comparing a few SNP calling algorithms using
low-coverage sequencing data.
X. Yu, S. Sun.
W Influence of low level contamination on variant
calling and filtration of NGS data and its quality
H. Ling, K. Hetrick, E. Pugh, J. Romm, K. Doheny.
T Handling high-dimensional genetics data using
multilevel dimensionality reduction algorithms in genetic
association studies.
K. Cho, D. R. Gagnon, H. Wu.
F Genotype imputation in the era of next-
generation sequencing.
G. Pistis, E. Porcu, C. Sidore,
F. Danjou, M. Steri, A. Mulas, M. Zoledziewska, F.
Busonero, F. Reinier, R. Atzeni, M. Lobina, R. Pilu, M.
Marcelli, B. Tarrier, H. M. Kang, A. Angius, C. M. Jones,
D. Schlessinger, F. Cucca, G. Abecasis, S. Sanna.
W Impact of quality control on the heritability
analyses for qualitative traits.
J. Liu, T. Hoffmann, E.
Jorgenson, J. Witte.
T Visualization software for the efficient eview of
alternate genotype calls.
Z. Xu, N. Pankratz.
F PhenoMan: Phenotypic data exploration,
selection, management and quality control for
association studies of rare and common variants.
B. Li,
G. Wang, S. M. Leal.
T Pathway-based analysis for GWAS using the
extended propensity score method.
U. Lee, S. J. Finch.
F Accounting for gene-by-sex interactions in
genome-wide association studies using random
effects meta-analysis.
N. Furlotte, E. Y. Kang, B. Han,
J. W. Joo, E. Eskin.
W Increasing the power of association: POPFAM
combines arbitrary affected families, unrelated cases,
controls, and reference samples.
W. Stewart, M. Monti.
T Modified random fo est algorithms for analysis
of matched case control data or case-parent trio data.
Q. Li, J. Bailey-Wilson.
F Exploiting network methodology for rare variant
association analysis.
H. Fier, J. Hecker, D. Prokopenko,
P. Costa, S. Won, K. Ludwig, E. Silverman, M. Mattheisen,
M. M. Noethen, E. Mangold, C. Lange.
W Joint association analysis for family-based
sequencing data using a family-genetic random field
Z. He, M. Li, M. Zhang, X. Zhan, Q. Lu.
T Simulation study for rare variants approaches
in family-based and case-control data.
C. Herold,
H. Fier, J. Hecker, D. Prokopenko, C. Lange.
F Finding co-regulated transcripts associated
to cooperating eSNPs.
A. Kreimer, I. Pe’er.
W Genome-wide association detection power
increased by observation of cis-acting mRNA.
Renwick, J. W. Belmont, C. A. Shaw.
T Is the tie-corrected Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test
a promising alternative to the Cochran-Armitage test in
the analysis of genetic association studies?
S. Wellek.
F Urinary monocyte chemoattractant protein-1
MCP-1/CCL2) and its association with renal allograft
A. Raza, S. Firasat, A. Abid, T. Aziz, M.
Mubarak, S. A. A. Naqvi, S. A. H. Rizvi, S. Q. Mehdi,
S. Khaliq.
W A nonparametric Bayesian model for clustering
time course gene expression profiles
D. Manandhar,
B. Engelhardt.
T Enrichment of functional information
annotation tracks) in GWAS hits.
S. A. Gagliano,
M. R. Barnes, M. Weale, J. Knight.
F Use of complementary expression-based data
provides improved gene-based prioritization of Crohn’s
disease associated loci.
K. Ning, K. Gettler, J. H. Cho,
NIDDK Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium.
W The PhenX Toolkit: Discovering and promoting
opportunities for cross-study analyses.
W. Huggins, H.
Pan, D. M. Nettles, E. Eubanks, T. Hendershot, J. G. Pratt,
D. Maiese, W. R. Harlan, J. Haines, H. A. Junkins, E. M.
Ramos, C. M. Hamilton.