Page 195 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T Efficient and accurate whole-genome human
T. Blauwkamp, V. Kuleshov, D. Pushkarev, S.
Swamy, A. Halpern, K. Singh, R. Sit, A. Granat, J. Zhang,
A. Young, K. Kuhn, R. Shen, M. Kertesz, G. Smith.
F A complete work flow for single cell next
generation sequencing: From flow sorting, library
preparation, to sequencing analysis.
X. Y. Wang, R. Li,
I. Khrebtukoba, J. Crane, C. Mason, G. P. Schroth.
W Improved computational and experimental
methods for targeted DNA sequencing with molecular
inversion probes.
E. A. Boyle, B. J. O’Roak, B. K. Martin,
A. Kumar, A. P. Lewis, J. Shendure.
T A novel in situ isothermal amplification
method for next-generation sequencing.
Z. Ma, R. lee,
S. Goyals, J. Erikson, K. Lao.
F Enhanced solution based target enrichment
using oligonucleotide probes and a novel composition
of blocking oligonucleotides.
S. D. Rose, K. L. Popp,
C. C. Locklear, A. N. Dvorak.
W A fast solution for NGS library prep with low
nanogram DNA input, for multiple sequencing platforms.
F. J. Stewart, P. Liu, G. J. S. Lohman, E. Cantor, B. W.
Langhorst, E. Yigit, L. M. Apone, D. B. Munafo, C. Sumner,
D. Rodriguez, V. Panchapakesa, J. Bybee, L. M. Mazzola,
T. C. Evans, N. M. Nichols, E. T. Dimalanta, T. B. Davis.
T Profiling of the -cell receptor variable region
gene segment usage in tissue biopsies using
Nanostring nCounter.
T. Peters, T. Valensise, N. Cheung,
A. Seguin, V. Petitjean, E. J. Oakeley, S. Starck-Schwertz,
M. Letzkus, K. J. Johnson, F. Staedtler.
F Evaluation of whole genome amplified DNA
and reduced genomic DNA for high performance of
Illumina SNP microarrays.
C. L. Dagnall, L. M. Morton,
B. D. Hicks, W. Zhou, X. Deng, M. Yeager, S. J. Chanock.
W Utilizing the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR
System for
mutation detection in papillary
thyroid carinoma and malignant melanoma.
Hayashibara, L. Degoricija, E. Springer.
T Desktop sequencing using a single-use
cartridge-based consumable that includes target
enrichment, amplification and sequencing
T. Raz,
A. Gulamali, F. Zhuang, H. Ghandour, J. Sram, J. Healy,
J. Downer, M. Griesbach, N. Nerkizian, P. Mary,
S. Haserlat, V. Chellappa, J. Boyce.
F The advantage of cold plasma in genomic
C. Lunn, J. Shieh, P. Hensley.
W Enhanced performance of whole exome and
other targeted sequencing of small clinical samples.
J. Langmore, E. Kamberov, S. Yerramilli, T. Tesmer, J.
Jessman, M. Carey, M. Carroll.
T SureSelect strand specific RNA library p ep kit
provides a fast and streamlined workflow for p eparing
directional libraries from total RNA.
B. Arezi, B. Hsue,
F. Useche, A. Tsalenko, B. Novak, A. Lucas, K. Chen, H.
Tang, H. Hogrefe.
T Towards the 24 hour medical genome.
K. Hall,
J. Weir, S. Humphray, Z. Kingsbury, E. Tsogi, P. Smith,
S. Macarthur, E. E. Margulies, J. Betley, J. Peden,
N. Miller, E. Farrow, L. Willig, J. Petrikin, D. Dinwiddie,
C. Saunders, G. Twist, L. Smith, S. Soden, M. Gibson,
S. Kingsmore.
F Droplet digital partitioning improves amplicon
coverage of multiplexed assays in NGS library
N. J. Heredia, S. Hodges, S. Cooper,
S. Tzonev, D. Skvortsov, E. Hefner.
W Accelerated sample prep workflow for target
enrichment from low input.
H. Hogrefe, B. Arezi, A.
Belyaev, M. Borns, M. Corioni, J. Fox, C. Hansen, E. Lin,
B. Novak, C. Pabon, B. Rogers, D. Roberts, F. Useche.
T Performance evaluation of bench-top next-
generation sequencers using microdroplet PCR-based
enrichment for targeted sequencing in patients with
autism spectrum disorder.
E. Koshimizu, S. Miyatake,
N. Okamoto, M. Nakashima, Y. Tsurusaki, N. Miyake,
H. Saitsu, N. Matsumoto.
F Comparison of enzymes, shear time and
capture products to improve whole exome sequencing
workflo .
B. Marosy, B. Craig, K. Hetrick, H. Ling,
A. Robinson, S. Griffith, J. Romm, K. F. Doheny.
W Simplified and imp oved methods for preparing
high quality genomic libraries for use on Illumina®
sequencing systems.
V. P. Smith, S. J. Humphray, R. M.
T Successful whole exome sequencing of
genomic DNA isolated from preserved mixed-placental
M. K. Veerapen, L. Pelaez, M. M. Rodriguez,
J. E. Potter, E. Rampersaud, O. A. Bodamer.
F Nextera® Rapid Capture: The fastest in-solution
capture assay for whole exome and custom targeted
M. Virata, S. Snow, S. Melnyk, L. Galver,
E. Allen, S. Kumar, R. Shen, S. de Rozieres.
W Comparison of conventional and PCR-free
library preparation methods for next-generation
P. D. Witmer, B. Marosy, B. Craig, K. Hetrick,
A. Robinson, K. Doheny.
T A complete workflow f om sample
preparation to analysis using SureSelect target
enrichment system for ion proton semiconductor
K. Jeong, J. Ong, E. Agne, F. Karlsson,
A. Ashutosh, C. Cocq, F. Useche, J. Ghosh, H. Johansson,
S. Happe, D. Roberts.
F Accurate modeling of indel genotype likelihoods
from sequencing data.
A. Tan, H. M. Kang, G. R.
W Dissecting gene regulation networks at single-
cell resolution.
X. Wang, J. Shuga, P. Chen, J. Wang,
S. Weaver, N. Li, L. Szpankowski, B. Fowler, A. Leyrat,
G. Sun, M. Unger, J. A. West.