Page 191 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
F New mixed model estimates drug-effect or
disease onset in association with covariates.
M. Xu,
Y. Y. Shugart.
W Fast and accurate diploid genotype imputation
via segmental hidden Markov model.
L. Zhang, Y. F. Pei,
H. W. Deng, Y. P. Wang.
T CeRNA interactions cooperate with genomic
variability to modulate drivers of tumorigenesis.
H. S.
Chiu, X. Yang, M. R. Martínez, P. Sumazin, A. Califano.
F Mitochondrial Disease Sequence Data Resource
Consortium: A global grass-roots effort to compile,
organize, annotate, and analyze whole exome and/
or genome datasets from individuals with suspected
mitochondrial disease.
X. Gai, D. Krotoski, M. Gonzalez,
D. C. Wallace, M. Parisi, S. Zuchner, M. J. Falk.
W Detection and characterization of mutations
due to DNA damage and PCR amplification er ors in
targeted ultra-deep next-generation sequencing data.
J. Eboreime, N. Arnheim, P. Calabrese.
T Comparison of the performance of read
mappers and assembly methods on indel calling.
Lin, Y. Shen.
F A Bayesian framework for de novo mutations
calling in trios.
Q. Wei, Y. Liu, Y. Han, X. Zhan, W. Chen, B. Li.
W PhenoExplorer: A tool to help researchers
identify relevant studies and phenotypic variables in
J. Ambite, L. Lange, S. Sharma, S. Voinea, C. Hsu,
Y. Arens.
T How to reduce false positives: A quality
assurance pipeline for phenotype data.
A. Matchan, N.
W. Rayner, A. E. Farmaki, K. Hatzikotoulas, E. Tsafantakis,
M. Karaleftheri, L. Southam, K. Panoutsopoulou, G.
Dedoussis, E. Zeggini.
F Reconstructing pedigrees from estimates of
genomic sharing in admixed populations.
J. E. Below,
J. Staples, A. Reiner, L. Ekunwe, E. L. Akylbekova, S. K.
Musani, J. G. Wilson, C. R. Hanis, D. Nickerson.
W Detecting differentially expressed genes in
RNA-seq data with unknown conditions.
G. Klambauer,
T. Unterthiner, S. Hochreiter.
T Development of quality control processes for
next-generation sequencing technologies.
P. Ebert, J.
Calley, R. Higgs, X. Ma, T. Barber.
F MAPRSeq — Mayo analysis pipeline for RNA-
seq: A comprehensive workflow for RNA-sequencing
data analysis.
A. Nair, K. Kalari, J. Bhavasar, X. Tang,
J. Davila, J. Nie, D. O’Brien, J. P. Kocher.
W Assessment of the impact of read length on
RNA-seq results: An ABRF Consortium study.
J. A.
Rosenfeld, G. Rudy, S. Chhangawala, P. Wu, S. Tighe, M.
D. Wang, D. A. Baldwin, G. Grills, C. E. Mason, ABRF-NGS
T Variation data services at NCBI: Archives, tools,
and curation for research and medicine.
S. Sherry,
K. Addess, V. Ananiev, C. Chen, D. Church, M. Feolo, J.
Garner, T. Hefferon, D. Hoffman, B. Holmes, M. Kholodov,
A. Kitts, J. Lee, J. Lopez, D. Maglott, R. Maiti, L. Phan, G.
Riley, W. Rubinstein, D. Rudnev, Y. Shao, E. Shekhtman,
K. Sirotkin, D. Slotta, R. Tully, R. Villamarin-Salomon, Q.
Wang, M. Ward, H. Zhang, C. Xiao.
F T2D2seq: An enhanced, novel algorithm to
determine differential expression in RNA-seq data.
E. D. Au, M. H. Farkas, J. A. White, E. A. Pierce.
W Statistical model for the prioritization of causal
genetic variants in next-generation sequencing data.
J. A. Chen, G. Coppola.
T The database of genotypes and phenotypes:
M. Feolo, R. Bagoutdinov, S. Dracheva, L. Hao,
Y. Jin, M. Kimura, M. Lee, J. Mena, N. Popova, S. Pretel,
N. Sharopova, S. Stefanov, A. Stine, A. Sturcke, K. T.
Tryka, Z. Wang, M. Xu, L. Ziyabari, S. T. Sherry.
F Explore genetic components underlying
dental caries through geneset- and network-assisted
Q. Wang, P. Jia, K. T. Cuenco, Z. Zeng,
E. Feingold, M. L. Marazita, L. Wang, Z. Zhao.
W Variant association tools for association
analysis of large scale sequence and exome
genotyping array data.
G. Wang, B. Peng, S. M. Leal.
T Variant calling in low-coverage whole genome
sequencing of a Native American population sample.
C. Bizon, M. Spiegel, S. Chasse, I. R. Gizer, Y. Li, E. Malc,
P. Mieczkowski, J. Sailsbery, X. Wang, C. L. Ehlers, K. C.
F Finding the clinical answer in genomic
sequence: Narrowing the search space for disease-
causing mutations.
S. Garcia, G. Chandratillake,
M. Clark, A. Patwardhan, S. Chervitz, R. Chen, E. Ashley,
R. Altman, J. West, R. Chen.
W Detecting disease-causing alleles with the
human gene connectome.
Y. Itan, J.-L. Casanova, L.
Abel, S.-Y. Zhang, L. Quintana-Murci, G. Vogt, D. Fried, P.
Nitschke, M. Herman, A. Abhyankar.
T Incorporating phenotypic information to improve
Mendelian disease-gene predictions.
A. Javed, S.
Agrawal, P. C. Ng.
F VHB: A web-based visualization tool to
compare the haplotype blocks of a study sample with
the 1000 Genomes Project data.
C. C. Lai, Y. T. Chen,
W. P. Hsieh, C. Y. Tang.
W Inferring HIV quasispecies from deep
sequencing data.
S. Mangul, N. Wu, N. Mancuso,
A. Zelikovsky, R. Sun, E. Eskin.
T Detection of sample-level contamination in
next-generation sequencing experiments.
T. E. Scheetz,
A. P. DeLuca, E. M. Stone, T. A. Braun.