Page 182 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T Identification of ra e variants in childhood onset
schizophrenia using exome sequencing.
A. Ambalavanan,
S. L. Girard, J. Gauthier, L. Xiong, A. D. Laporte, D.
Spiegelman, E. Henrione, O. Diallo, S. Dobrzeniecka, P. A.
Dion, R. Joober, J. L. Rapoport, G. A. Rouleau.
F Family genomics reveals a network of calcium
signaling genes underlying bipolar disorder.
S. A.
Ament, G. Glusman, H. C. Cox, D. E. Mauldin, S. Z.
Montsaroff, N. D. Price, S. Szelinger, D. W. Craig, H. J.
Edenberg, L. Hood, F. J. McMahon, J. R. Kelsoe, J. C.
Roach, Bipolar Genome Study.
W Partial deletion of the
gene in a
year-old male patient with autism spectrum
disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity diso der and
intellectual disability.
O. Bartsch, D. Galetzka, E. Weis, S.
Schweiger, J. Winter.
T Genetics and cellular neurobiology of severe
mental illness.
C. G. Bouwkamp, F. M. S. De Vrij, N.
Gunhanlar, S. T. Munshi, M. P. H. Coesmans, M. Quadri,
G. Breedveld, J. A. Maat-Kievit, B. Oostra, V. Bonifati, S.
A. Kushner.
F Mapping the schizophrenia brain: Genes
harboring damaging de novo mutations in
schizophrenia map to a highly interconnected
network of transcriptional co-expression and protein
interaction in fetal prefrontal cortex.
S. Gulsuner, T.
Walsh, A. C. Watts, M. K. Lee, A. M. Thornton, S. Casadei,
C. Rippey, H. Shahin, M.-C. King, J. M. McClellan,
Consortium on Genetics of Schizophrenia (COGS),
PARTNERS Study Group,.
W Targeted re-sequencing of
Tourette syndrome using next-generation sequencing.
A. Inai, H. Kuwabara, Y. Eriguchi, T. Shimada, M. Furukawa,
T. Sasaki, M. Tochigi, C. Kakiuchi, K. Kasai, Y. Kano.
T Exome sequences of multiplex,
multigenerational families reveal schizophrenia risk
loci involved in fatty acid oxidation.
M. Z. Kos, J.
Peralta, M. A. Carless, M. Almeida, R. C. Gur, M. F. Pogue-
Geile, D. Roalf, V. Nimgaonkar, R. E. Gur, L. Almasy.
F Runs-of-homozygosity are associated with
intellectual disability and female gender in simplex
E. Morrow, E. Gamsiz, E. Viscidi, A. Frederick,
M. Schmidt, E. Triche, S. Nagpal.
W A novel autosomal dominant dystonia and
spastic paraplegia caused by a mutation in
a gene that encodes for subunit c of mitochondrial ATP
D. E. Neilson, T. Huang, X. Wang, N. D. Leslie,
R. B. Hufnagel, D. L. Gilbert.
T Whole exome sequencing of patients with
Rett-like features negative for
H. E. Olson, O. Khwaja, C. LaCoursiere, E. Martin,
W. E. Kaufmann, A. Poduri.
F Detecting novel mutations of Alzheimer’s disease
gene using semiconductor sequencing.
Y. Ryoichi, M.
Ryosuke, M. Hiroyuki, I. Yuishin, K. Masahito, K. Takashi,
M. Hirofumi, M. Noriyoshi, K. Hidemi, K. Hideshi.
F MicroRNA-137 is associated with epigenetic
variation at the
gene in the amygdala.
A. P. S. Ori,
K. R. van Eijk, M. F. Stokman, E. Strengman, The Netherlands
Brain Bank, M. P. M. Boks, S. de Jong, R. A. Ophoff.
W The genetic architecture of white matter
integrity: Insights from quantitative genetics and
genome-wide associations.
E. Sprooten, E. E. M.
Knowles, D. R. McKay, M. A. Carless, M. A. A. de Almeida,
A. Winkler, T. Dyer, J. E. Curran, H. Göring, R. Olvera, P.
Kochunov, P. Fox, L. Almasy, R. Duggirala, J. Kent, J.
Blangero, D. C. Glahn.
T Association of KIBRA with episodic and working
memory: A meta-analysis.
A. Milnik, A. Heck, C. Vogler,
H.-J. Heinze, D. J.-F. de Quervain, A. Papassotiropoulos.
F A meta-analysis including 9,038 individuals
confirms an interaction e fect between depression
genotype on BMI.
M. Rivera, T. Corre, C. Wolf,
D. Czamara, S. Kloiber, B. Muller, M. Preisig, G. Breen, I.
Craig, A. Farmer, C. Lewis, P. McGuffin.
W The genetic basis of solitude: lower
heterozygosity in people with strict definition autism
spectrum disorders and their parents.
S. Huang, X. Lu,
J. Liang, D. Yuan.
T Shared genetic vulnerability for attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder, substance use and gambling in
Australian adolescents.
P. A. Lind, D. A. Hay, T. J. Cicero,
N. G. Martin, S. E. Medland.
F Genome-wide association study for cognitive
L. B. Chibnik, L. Yu, T. Raj, J. Xu, N. Patsopoulos,
B. T. Keenan, R. Sherva, S. E. Leurgans, D. Blacker, R. S.
Wilson, E. M. Reiman, M. Huentelman, R. C. Green, L. A.
Farrer, P. Crane, R. Mayeux, R. Lipton, G. D. Schellenberg,
D. A. Evans, P. L. De Jager, D. A. Bennett, Alzheimer’s
Disease Genetics Consortium.
W Combining RNA-sequencing and genotyping
data to identify genes and pathways associated
with major depression.
S. Mostafavi, A. Battle, X.
Zhu, J. Potash, M. Weissman, J. Shin, K. Beckman, C.
Haudenschild, C. McCormick, R. Mei, M. Gameroff, H.
Glindes, P. Adams, F. Goes, F. Mondimore, D. MacKinnon,
L. Notes, B. Schweizer, D. Furman, S. Montgomery, A.
Urban, D. Koller, D. Levinson.
T The PD Brain Map Project: Mapping the
transcriptional architecture of dopamine neurons in
human brain.
C. R. Scherzer, C. Vanderburg, T. G. Beach,
C. H. Adler, J. J. Locascio, N. Pochet, A. Regev, B. Zheng,
Z. Liao.
F Adult onset painful sensory polyneuropathy
caused by a dominant
M. Tetreault,
M. J. Dicaire, P. Allard, K. Gehring, D. Leblanc, N. Leclerc,
J. Mathieu, B. Brais.
W Exome sequencing of extended families identify
putative novel candidate genes for autism.
A. Patowary,
I. Stanaway, R. Nesbitt, W. Raskind, D. Nickerson, Z.