Page 175 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
W Quantitative genetic analysis of preterm birth
in a sample of 2 million births yields precise heritability
W. Wu, A. Fraser, E. Clark, A. Rogers, G.
Stoddard, D. Witherspoon, T. Manuck, K. Chen, S. Esplin,
K. Smith, M. Varner, L. Jorde.
T Visceral adiposity linked to chromosome 9p24.2
in adults from the Fels Longitudinal Study.
B. Towne,
J. Blangero, A. C. Choh, J. E. Curran, C. Bellis, T. D. Dyer,
E. W. Demerath, M. Lee, S. A. Czerwinski.
F Leveraging genetic information to assess the
effect of diabetes on memory scores in the Health and
Retirement Study.
S. Walter, J. Daniel, L. Kubzansky, S.
C. Chang, M. C. Cornelis, D. H. Rehkopf, M. M. Glymour.
W Employing a phenome-wide association
study approach to investigate the pleiotropic nature
of mitochondrial DNA variation.
S. L. Mitchell, S. A.
Pendergrass, R. Goodloe, K. Brown-Gentry, R. McClellan,
J. Boston, M. Allen, P. Mayo, N. Schnetz-Boutaud, D. G.
Murdock, D. C. Crawford.
T RNA-sequencing identifies novel di ferentially
expressed coding and non-coding transcripts in
Sjögren’s syndrome.
C. J. Lessard, I. Adrianto, M. G.
Dozmorov, G. B. Wiley, J. A. Ice, H. Li, J. A. Kelly, A.
Rasmussen, S. B. Glenn, K. S. Hefner, D. U. Stone, G. D.
Houston, D. M. Lewis, J. A. Lessard, J. M. Anaya, B. M.
Segal, N. L. Rhodus, L. Radfar, J. B. Harley, J. A. James,
C. G. Montgomery, R. H. Scofield, P. M. Gaffney, J. D.
Wren, K. L. Sivils.
F Genetically distinct subtypes of rheumatoid
B. Brynedal, L. Klareskog, L. Padyukov, L.
Alfredsson, H. Källberg.
W Assessing human craniofacial morphology as
complex phenotype in genetic association studies.
F. I. Martinez.
T SNPs and smoking: What can the aggregate of
genome-wide SNPs tell us about genetic liability to
smoking initiation and quantity smoked?
A. G. Wills,
M. C. Keller.
F Endometrial expression profiling in women with
recurrent early pregnancy loss.
G. Kosova, C. Billstrand,
V. J. Lynch, M. D. Stephenson, C. Ober.
W Association study of
genetic variations
with nasal polyposis in asthmathics.
J. H. Kim, B. L.
Park, C. S. Park, H. D. Shin.
T Examining ocular SNPs for regulatory enhancer
potential: What does a non-coding GWAS hit really
C. N. Simonti, J. A. Capra.
W Next-gen RNA sequencing of monocytes coupled
with association data identifies several genes in systemi
lupus erytrhematosus susceptibility.
A. K. Maiti, C. Sun,
P. Motghare, M. Arango, J.-M. Anaya, S. K. Nath.
T Multiplexed targeted capture of
reveals association with adolescent idiopathic
J. G. Buchan, D. M. Alvarado, P. Yang,
C. Cruchaga, M. B. Harms, K. Ha, T. Zhang, M. C. Willing,
D. K. Grange, T. E. Druley, A. C. Braverman, M. Lovett,
M. B. Dobbs, C. A. Gurnett.
F ImmunoSeq: Discovery of novel rare variants
implicated in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases b
targeting regulatory regions in immune cells.
A. Morin,
T. Kwan, K. Tandre, M. L. Eloranta, V. Arsenault, M. Caron, L.
Létourneau, C. Wang, G. Bourque, C. Laprise, A. Montpetit,
A. C. Syvänen, L. Rönnblom, M. Lathrop, T. Pastinen.
W Novel candidate genes putatively involved
in stress fracture predisposition detected by whole
exome sequencing.
E. Friedman, D. S. Moran, D. Ben-
Avraham, R. Yanovich, G. Atzmon.
T A possible role of transposable elements in
dysregulating the genomic architecture of schizophrenia.
F. Macciardi, G. Guffanti, S. G. Potkin, M. Pato, I. Guella,
M. Vawter, J. A. Knowles, T. VanErp, C. Pato, S. Gaudi.
F AMD risk and association with variation in 202
drug target genes.
P. L. St. Jean, W. H. Cade, F. Grassmann,
M. Schu, S. Slifer, Z. Ye, M. H. Brilliant, M. M. DeAngelis, L. A.
Farrer, J. L. Haines, T. E. Kitchner, M. A. Pericak-Vance, B. H.
F. Weber, L. McCarthy, C.-F. Xu, M. G. Ehm.
W Matrix metalloproteinase 2, 3, 9, 10, 13 gene
polymorphisms and risk for polycythemia and essential
thrombocytosis patients.
E. Uctepe, S. Maral, O. Bender,
T. Yasar, E. Gunduz, M. Gunduz.
T Race and sex effects on the relationship
between sarcopenia and BMD.
H. He, Y. J. Liu, J. Li,
H. Shen, Q. Tian, H. W. Deng.
F Unexpected pleiotropy: Do asthma and dental
caries share a genetic basis?
J. R. Shaffer, R. J. Weyant,
R. Crout, D. W. McNeil, M. L. Marazita.
W A pilot T1D risk prediction study using custom
panel and advanced multivariate predictive models.
C. Kim, Z. Wei, J. Glessner, K. Thomas, H. K. Åkerblom,
M. Knip, H. Hakonarson, I. Ilonen.
T Prediction of complex phenotypes, such as
skin, eyes and hair color based on the analysis of
polymorphisms of pigmentation genes for forensic
F. T. Goncalves, F. A. Lima, R. S. Gonzales,
C. Fridman.
F Common dysfunctional variants of urate
exporter gene
are a major cause of
early-onset gout.
H. Matsuo, K. Ichida, T. Takada, A.
Nakayama, H. Nakashima, T. Nakamura, Y. Kawamura, Y.
Takada, K. Yamamoto, S. Shimizu, M. Sakiyama, T. Chiba,
N. Hamajima, Y. Sakurai, T. Shimizu, N. Shinomiya.