Page 167 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

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T Genome-wide screen for self-reported physical
disability loci in the oldest-old Amish.
J. E. Hicks, J.
R. Gilbert, L. Caywood, L. Reinhart-Mercer, D. Fuzzell, R.
Laux, M. A. Pericak-Vance, J. L. Haines, W. K. Scott.
F Linkage and association analysis of von
Willebrand factor propeptide levels provides
mechanistic insight into the genetic control of plasma
von Willebrand factor levels.
K. C. Desch, A. B. Ozel, D.
Siemieniak, J. Z. Li, D. Ginsburg.
W Genetic variants on 17q23.2 and 10q11.21 are
associated with variation in telomere length: The Long
Life Family Study.
J. H. Lee, R. Cheng, L. S. Honig, M.
Feitosa, C. Kammerer, M. S. Kang, N. Schupf, R. Lin, J.
L. Sanders, H. Bae, T. Druley, T. Perls, K. Christensen, M.
Province, R. Mayeux.
T Combined genome-wide linkage and association
studies of centenarians identifies several new
candidate genes for longevity.
P. Sebastiani, H. Bae, T.
T. Perls.
F Analyzing patterns of IBD sharing in Oceanic
Palau to identify genomic regions harboring risk for
C. A. Bodea, F. Middleton, L. Klei, S. V.
Faraone, S. Vinogradov, J. Tiobech, V. Yano, S. Kuartei,
K. Roeder, N. Melhem, B. Devlin, M. Myles-Worsley, W.
W Cumulative genetic load for known multiple
sclerosis risk variants in Sardinia.
A. Hadjixenofontos,
L. Foco, P.-A. Gourraud, A. Tikka, P. Bitti, R. Pastorino, L.
Bernardinelli, J. L. McCauley.
T Interaction between adiponectin and adiponectin
receptor 1 is associated with age-related hearing
C. Wu, C. Tsai, J. Hwang, Y. Lu, Y. Lin, P.
Chen, W. Yang, W. Liao, Y. Lee, T. Liu, C. Hsu.
F On the use of cis-eQTL analyses to identify novel
associations between
polymorphisms and
heroin abuse.
D. B. Hancock, J. L. Levy, N. L. Saccone,
N. C. Gaddis, L. J. Bierut, G. P. Page, E. O. Johnson.
W Evidence for a polygenic contribution to
androgenetic alopecia.
S. Heilmann, F. F. Brockschmidt,
A. M. Hillmer, S. Hanneken, S. Eigelshoven, K. U. Ludwig,
C. Herold, E. Mangold, T. Becker, R. Kruse, M. Knapp, M.
M. Nöthen.
T Integrated eQTL and genetic association analysis
in smokers with COPD identifies disease-associated
eQTL loci.
P. J. Castaldi, M. H. Cho, W. Qiu, B. R. Celli,
J. H. Riley, S. M. Fox, D. Singh, R. Tal-Singer, B. A.
Raby, V. J. Carey, E. K. Silverman, C. P. Hersh, ECLIPSE
F Using an integrative mapping approach to
identifiy novel genetic factors contributing to
pulmonary arterial hypertension.
W. C. Nichols, M. W.
Pauciulo, D. Koller, C. Tolentino, T. D. Le Cras, P. Pastura,
B. Aronow, D. Li, T. Foroud.
F Familial history of chronic rhinosinusitis predicts
more severe disease.
L. Mfuna Endam, A. Filali-Mouhim,
P. Boisvert, L. P. Boulet, Y. Bossé, M. Desrosiers.
W Refinement of whole-body bone mineral
density measures of children assists the identification
of genetic variants associated with skeletal site
specificity and bone mass attainment
J. P. Kemp, C.
Medina-Gomez, K. Estrada, B. St-Pourcain, D. H. M.
Heppe, N. J. Timpson, L. Oei, S. M. Ring, C. J. Kruithof,
L. E. Wolber, F. M. K. Williams, M. C. Zillikens, A. Hofman,
A. G. Uitterlinden, G. Davey-Smith, V. W. V. Jaddoe, J. H.
Tobias, F. Rivadeneira, D. M. Evans.
T GWAS SNPs impact gene expression through
inheritance of multiple enhancer variants.
O. Corradin,
A. Saiakhova, B. Akhtar-Zaidi, L. Myeroff, J. Willis, S.
Markowitz, P. C. Scacheri.
F Novel genetic association of primary severe
localized provoked vulvodynia with
Possible common predisposition with other pain
T. Falik-Zaccai, L. Kalfon, A. Azran, Y.
Farajun, E. Tubin, O. Hemo, L. Abramov, A. Yeshaya, J.
W Predicting regions associated with complex
traits using multi-kernel support vector machines.
Kostka, J. A. Capra.
T A search for genetic risk factors of age-related
macular degeneration informed by the genetics
of Alzheimer disease.
M. W. Logue, M. Schu, B. N.
Vardarajan, J. Farrell, K. L. Lunetta, G. Jun, C. T. Baldwin,
M. DeAngelis, L. A. Farrer.
F X-linked genes associated with cleft lip with
or without palate in a family-based genome wide
association study in Patagonia.
R. F. Fonseca, F. M. de
Carvalho, F. Poletta, D. Montaner, J. C. Mereb, M. A. M.
Moreira, H. N. Seuanez, A. R. Vieira, E. H. Castilla, I. M.
W Linkage analysis: Genomic regions contributing
to the expression of type 1 diabetes microvascular
E. M. Lipner, Y. Tomer, J. A. Noble, M. C.
Monti, J. T. Lonsdale, B. Corso, D. A. Greenberg.
T Gene-environment interactions between obesity
gene variants and body size in multiple sclerosis.
A. Gianfrancesco, B. Acuna, L. Shen, F. B. S. Briggs,
H. Quach, A. Bernstein, A. K. Hedstrom, I. Kockum, L.
Alfredsson, T. Olsson, C. Schaefer, L. F. Barcellos.
F Genetic linkage analysis using large
consanguineous pedigrees from South India suggests
new loci for ocular quantitative traits.
B. Fan, P. Ferdina
Marie Sharmila, N. Soumittra, S. Sripriya, J. Madhavan, D.
S. Friedman, L. Vijaya, J. L. Haines, R. George, J. L. Wiggs.
W Genome-wide family-based linkage analysis
of coding variants and cardiometabolic risk.
J. N.
Hellwege, N. D. Palmer, L. M. Raffield, M. C. Y. Ng, G. A.
Hawkins, J. Long, C. Lorenzo, J. M. Norris, J. I. Rotter, C.
D. Langefeld, L. E. Wagenknecht, D. W. Bowden.