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ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
W Analysis of exomic variation in the Ashkenazi
Jewish population identifies novel associations
to Crohn’s disease in
K. Hui, W. Zhang, T.
Haritunians, S. Carmi, B. M. Bowen, S. R. Brant, J. D.
Rioux, M. Silverberg, S. Katz, A. Chaifetz, H. Zhao, G.
Atzmon, L. Ozelius, S. Bressman, L. N. Clark, I. Pe’er, T.
Lencz, D. P. McGovern, R. H. Duerr, J. H. Cho, I. Peter.
T Genome-wide association analysis of diverse
immune-related phenotypes highlights complex
overlapping pathways of immune response.
J. Y. Tung,
N. Eriksson, A. K. Kiefer, D. A. Hinds.
F Joint association analysis of genome-wide
human and HIV-1 variation.
I. Bartha, J. Carlson, P. J.
McLaren, Z. Brumme, C. Brumme, R. Harrigan, A. Rauch,
H. Günthard, M. John, D. Heckerman, T. M. Allen, C. L.
Galíndez, J. Martinez-Picado, V. Müller, A. Telenti, J. Fellay,
HIV Genome to Genome Study.
W Shared genetic background for leprosy and
inflammatory bowel disease: Chinks in the primary
defense against pathogens.
E. Festen, A. Kresentia
Irwanto, S. Ripke, D. Ellinghaus, R. K. Weersma, A.
Franke, J. J. Liu, IIBDGC.
T Novel genetic loci identified for HI -1 acquisition:
A 1000 Genomes-imputed genome-wide association
study among injection drug users and a replication.
O. Johnson, D. B. Hancock, N. C. Gaddis, J. L. Levy, G. P.
Page, S. P. Novak, C. Glasheen, N. L. Saccone, J. P. Rice,
Q. Wang, M. Moreau, K. Doheny, J. Romm, B. Aouizerat,
A. I. Brooks, L. J. Bierut, A. H. Kral.
F Genome-wide discovery of genetic predictors of
weight-loss in obese subjects in response to diet and
C. M. Molony, D. F. Reilly, H. Zhou, S. Heymsfield,
B. Goldstein, M. L. Reitman, L. Tacconi, N. Thornberry.
W Plasma lipids, chromosome 11q23.3, and the risk
of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.
B. Feenstra, F.
Geller, L. Carstensen, P. A. Romitti, I. Baranowska Körberg,
B. Bedell, C. Krogh, R. Fan, A. Svenningsson, M. Caggana,
A. Nordenskjöld, J. L. Mills, J. C. Murray, M. Melbye.
T Meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies identifies th ee new susceptibility loci for
intracerebral hemorrhage.
G. J. Falcone, D. Woo, C.
D. Langefeld, J. Rosand, International Stroke Genetics
F Association between obsessive-compulsive
disorder and phenotypes in a genome-wide
association study.
G. Zai, C. Zai, J. Knight, J. L. Kennedy,
M. A. Richter.
W Genome-wide association analysis in a 23andMe
cohort identifies novel associations with uterine
fib oids.
A. S. Shmygelska, N. K. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung, J. L.
Mountain, U. Francke, A. K. Kiefer, D. A. Hinds.
T Identification of susceptibility genes of adult
asthma in French Canadian women.
J. C. Berube, E.
Lavoie-Charland, N. Gaudreault, L. Sbarra, C. Henry, L. P.
Boulet, Y. Bosse.
F Genetic variants underlying endometriosis risk:
Meta-analysis on eight genome-wide association
and replication studies.
N. Rahmioglu, D. Nyholt, S. A.
Missmer, G. W. Montgomery, K. T. Zondervan.
W Searching genes for body shape: A genome-
wide meta-analysis in
individuals of the
GIANT consortium.
J. S. Ried, J. M. Jeff, J. van Dongen,
J. E. Huffman, J. Bragg-Gresham, A. Y. Chu, M. Müller-
Nurasyid, R. J. F. Loos, on behalf of GIANT Consortium.
T Metabolomics in genome-wide association
studies: Revealing gene-metabolite-disease links.
Rueedi, M. Ledda, S. Bergmann, U. K. Genick, Z. Kutalik.
F A genome wide association study to determine
the susceptibility to
Staphylococcus aureus
S. K. Shukla, D. Vasco, T. Carter, M. H. Brilliant, S. J.
W Uncovering genetic modifiers of sickle cell
anemia in a sub-Saharan African population — A
genome-wide association study of sickle-cell severity.
T. Singh, S. Nkya, S. E. Cox, J. C. Barrett, J. Makani.
T Identification of 3 susceptibility loci for C ohn’s
disease in a genome-wide association study of a
Korean population.
K. Song, S. Yang, M. Hong, W. Zhao,
J. Baek, I. Liu, Y. Jung.
F Genetic burden of common variants in
progressive and bout onset multiple sclerosis.
Sorosina, P. Brambilla, F. Clarelli, N. Barizzone, S. Lupoli,
C. Guaschino, G. Liberatore, A. M. Osiceanu, V. Martinelli,
D. Cusi, M. Leone, G. Comi, S. D’Alfonso, F. Martinelli
Boneschi, International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics
W Dissecting genomic architecture through
advanced SNP-based heritability analysis.
D. Speed, V.
Plagnol, M. Johnson, D. Balding.
T GWAS identifies classical HLA alleles associated
with susceptibility to infectious diseases.
C. Tian, J.
Mountain, N. Eriksson, J. Tung, A. Kiefer, D. Hinds.
F Improving genome-wide association studies
via markers decorrelation.
O. Weissbrod, D. Geiger, N.
Zaitlen, D. Heckerman.
W A group sparse additive model for genome-wide
association studies of dynamic complex traits.
J. Yin,
M. Marchetti-Bowick, J. Howrylak, E. Xing.
T Characterizing and redefining clinical subtypes
of inflammatory bowel disease using genotypes and
phenotypes from 47,000 patients.
G. Boucher, on behalf
of International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics
Consortium (IIBDGC).
F Genome-wide association in 5 isolated
populations give new insight on the genetic bases of
food preferences.
N. Pirastu, M. Kooyman, A. Robino, C.
van Duijn, D. Toniolo, P. Gasparini.