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ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T Identification of asthma- elated trans-acting
epistatic eQTL using Model-Based Multifactor
Dimensionality Reduction.
K. Bessonov, D. Croteau-
Chonka, W. Qi, V. J. Carey, B. A. Raby, K. Van Steen.
F Genome-wide association study of major
depressive disorder in N
Han Chinese women
using low-pass sequencing data.
T. Bigdeli, R. E.
Peterson, Y. Li, W. Kretzschmar, F. Yang, H. H. Maes, A. H.
Fanous, B. T. Webb, B. P. Riley, J. Wang, S. Shi, Y. Chen,
J. Marchini, R. Mott, S. A. Bacanu, K. S. Kendler, J. Flint,
CONVERGE Consortium.
W Genome-wide association study of serum
minerals in pediatric African American and Caucasian
X. Chang, P. Sleiman, H. Hakonarson.
T GWAS meta-analysis identified a novel
locus associated with corneal curvature in Asian
P. Chen, C. Y. Cheng, C. C. Khor, T. Aung, S.
M. Saw, T. Y. Wong, E. S. Tai, Y. Y. Teo.
F Uncovering loci associated with urinary
incontinence in African and Hispanic American
C. Chen, A. Rajkovic, A. Park, G. Heiss, S.
Hendrix, N. Franceschini.
W Genome-wide association study of thyrotoxic
periodic paralysis.
K. C. Chen, P. L. Chen, T. C. Chang.
T Common variations at chromosome 21q22
influence the risk of age- elated nuclear cataract in
Asians: The Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Diseases
C. Y. Cheng, J. Liao, P. Chen, X. Li, X. Wang, A. G.
Tan, J. J. Wang, P. Mitchell, J. B. Jonas, S. M. Saw, C. C.
Khor, E. S. Tai, T. Aung, Y. Y. Teo, T. Y. Wong.
F Copy number variations are associated with bone
mineral density: A large-scale genome-wide analysis
in the Framingham study.
W. Chou, K. Nandakumar, D.
Karasik, C. Liu, L. Cupples, D. Kiel, Y. Hsu.
W Genetic associates of childhood wheezing
J. A. Curtin, D. C. M. Belgrave, A. Custovic,
A. Simpson.
T Exploring the causes of heterogeneity in meta-
analysis of genome-wide association studies.
H. Deng,
Y. Pei, L. Zhang.
F Cross-disease analysis using Immunochip
reveals four new loci for celiac disease and rheumatoid
J. Gutierrez-Achury, G. Trynka, S. Raychaudhuri,
J. Greenberg, D. Diogo, R. McManus, R. M. Plenge, C.
Wijmenga, A. Zhernakova, Celiac Disease Immunochip
Consortium, RACI Consortium.
W A large scale genome-wide association study of
asthma in the 23andMe cohort.
D. Hinds, C. Tian, A. K.
Kiefer, J. L. Mountain, N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung.
T A genome-wide association study highlights
multiple variants associated with Epstein-Barr virus
load in the 1000 Genomes and HapMap lymphoblastoid
cell lines.
C. J. Houldcroft, J. Z. Liu, A. Gall, D. Frampton,
C. A. Anderson, P. Kellam.
F Genome-wide association analysis shows the
highly polygenic character of age-related hearing
E. Fransen, S. Bonneux, J. J. Corneveaux, I.
Schrauwen, F. Di Berardino, C. H. White, J. D. Ohmen, P.
Van de Heyning, U. Ambrosetti, M. J. Huentelman, G. Van
Camp, R. A. Friedman.
W Metabolic pathways in relation to obesity:
Untargeted metabolomic profiling in a large
population-based study.
J. Kumar, A. Ganna, T. Fall, J.
Prenni, C. Broeckling, J. Prince, L. Lind, E. Ingelsson.
T Genome-wide association studies of lipids in
R. L. Minster, N. L. Hawley, G. Sun, H. Cheng,
S. Viali, R. Deka, D. E. Weeks, S. T. McGarvey.
F Identification of genetic factors underlying
asthma age-of-onset sub-phenotypes.
C. Sarnowski,
M.-H. Dizier, I. Ahmed, P. Margaritte-Jeannin, M. Lathrop,
F. Demenais, E. Bouzigon, EGEA Cooperative Group.
W Genetic association of serum magnesium levels
in African Americans: The Atherosclerosis Risk in
Communities Study.
A. Tin, A. R. Folsom, N. Maruthur, C.
A. Friedrich, J. Coresh, E. Boerwinkle, W. H. Kao.
T Genome-wide search for age- and sex-dependent
genetic loci for human anthropometric traits: Methods
and results from genome-wide meta-analyses across
T. W. Winkler, Z. Kutalik, M. Graff,
A. Justice, L. Barata, M. Feitosa, S. Chu, R. Mägi, J.
Czajkowski, T. Fall, Y. Lu, T. O. Kilpeläinen, I. M. Heid,
I. Borecki, K. E. North, R. J. F. Loos, GIANT (Genetic
Investigation of ANthropometric Traits) Consortium.
F Targeted resequencing of genome-wide
associated candidate regions for pediatric venous
A. Witten, A. Arning, A. Barysenka, C. Grote,
M. Hiersche, F. Ruehle, U. Nowak-Goettl, M. Stoll.
W A meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies for adiponectin level in East Asians identifies a
novel locus near
Y. Wu, H. Gao, H. Li, Y.
Tabara, M. Nakatochi, Y.-F. Chiu, E.-J. Park, S. Vadlamudi,
M. Fogarty, W. Wen, X.-O. Shu, C. Shin, S. H. Jee, L.-M.
Chuang, T. Miki, M. Yokota, X. Lin, K. L. Mohlke, E. S. Tai,
Asian Genetic Epidemiology Network (AGEN) Adiponectin
Working Group.
T Genome-wide association analysis of skeletal
muscle fiber types.
T. Karaderi, N. Oskolkov, C. Ladenvall,
S. Keildson, A. Mahajan, L. Lind, E. Ingelsson, L. Groop, P.
Franks, A. P. Morris, O. Hansson, C. M. Lindgren.
F Genome-wide association study of skin
pigmentation and tanning in African Americans.
Batai, E. Shah, R. A. Kittles.
W The first genome-wide association study of
serum lipids among Africans.
A. R. Bentley, D. Shriner,
G. J. Chen, F. Tekola-Ayele, A. P. Doumatey, H. Huang, J.
Zhou, O. Fasanmade, T. Johnson, J. Oli, G. Okafor, B. A.
Eghan Jr., K. Argyenim-Boateng, J. Adeleye, W. Balogun,
C. Adebamowo, A. Amoah, J. Acheampong, D. Ngare, A.
Adeyemo, C. N. Rotimi.