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ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
W Identification of
as a susceptibility
gene for bronchopulmonary dysplasia.
A. Hadchouel,
X. Durrmeyer, E. Bouzigon, R. Incitti, J. Huusko, P. H.
Jarreau, R. Lenclen, F. Demenais, M. L. Franco-Montoya,
I. Layouni, J. Patkai, J. Bourbon, M. Hallman, C. Danan,
C. Delacourt.
T Dipeptidyl peptidase 10 (
is associated
with severe retinopathy in type 1 diabetes.
S. M.
Hosseini, K. Howard, L. Sun, A. P. Boright, D. A. Tregouet,
N. Sandholm, M. S. Lajer, K. Hietala, C. Forsblom, M.
Marre, P. Rossing, P. H. Groop, A. J. Canty, S. Hadjadj, B.
E. Klein, S. B. Bull, R. Klein, A. D. Paterson, DCCT/EDIC
Research Group.
F Common regulatory variants mapped in human
adipose and skeletal muscle but not lymphoblastoid
cell lines tissue explain much of the heritability of type
J. M. Torres, E. R. Gamazon, N. J. Cox.
W Higher BMI genetic risk score is associated with
presence of radiographic knee osteoarthritis but not
progression in the Osteoarthritis Initiative study.
M. S.
Yau, R. D. Jackson, M. C. Hochberg, S. Krishnan, D. J.
Duggan, B. D. Mitchell, L. M. Yerges-Armstrong.
T Investigating age-related macular degeneration
in the Amish.
J. D. Hoffman, L. N. D’Aoust, J. N. Cooke
Bailey, L. Jiang, R. Laux, A. Agarwal, W. K. Scott, M. A.
Pericak-Vance, J. L. Haines.
F A genome-wide association study by using
imputed genotypes identifies a susceptibility locus
for Crohn’s disease in a Japanese population.
Yamazaki, J. Umeno, A. Takahashi, A. Hirano, T. Johnson,
T. Morizono, T. Kawaguchi, M. Takazoe, T. Yamada, Y.
Suzuki, H. Tanaka, S. Motoya, M. Hosokawa, Y. Arimura, Y.
Shinomura, T. Matsui, T. Matsumoto, M. Iida, T. Tsunoda,
Y. Nakamura, M. Kubo.
W Genome-wide association study identifying
genetic risk loci for full-thickness rotator cuff tears.
M. Farnham, R. Z. Tashjian, C. C. Teerlink, L. A. Cannon-
T Evaluation of the common genetic architecture
of problematic peer relationships.
B. St. Pourcain, C. M.
A. Haworth, O. S. P. Davis, N. J. Timpson, G. McMahon,
J. Kemp, D. Evans, S. M. Ring, W. McArdle, J. Golding, R.
Plomin, G. Davey Smith.
F Reclassification in genetic risk p ediction over
R. Barfield, J. Krier, R. Green, P. Kraft.
W Genome-wide association study on morbid
obesity in Taiwan Han Chinese.
H. C. Chang, W. J. Lee,
H. C. Yang, W. H. Pan.
T Genome-wide association study identifies novel
loci associated with abdominal obesity in Africans.
A. Doumatey, A. Adeyemo, G. Chen, F. Tekola-Ayele,
A. R. Bentley, J. Zhou, H. Huang, D. Shriner, D. Ngare,
O. Fansanmade, T. Johnson, J. Oli, G. Okafar, B. A.
Eghan, K. Agyenim-Boatang, J. Adeleye, W. Balogun, C.
Adebamowo, A. Amoah, J. Acheampong, C. N. Rotimi.
T Melanocortin 1-receptor haplotypes associated to
pigmentation phenotypes in the Brazilian population.
A. Marano, A. L. Simoes, E. A. Donadi, C. T. Mendes-Junior.
F The
association has two
components in systemic lupus erythematosus, which
are shared with other autoimmune disorders.
L. C.
Kottyan, E. Z. Zoller, K. M. Kaufam, J. B. Harley.
W Epiregulin (
and human V-ATPase
are not associated with pulmonary
tuberculosis in West African populations from Guinea-
Bissau and The Gambia.
S. M. Williams, M. J. White, A.
Tacconelli, C. Wejse, P. C. Hill, G. Novelli, G. Sirugo.
T Exploring genetic load of known multiple
sclerosis risk alleles in Hispanic whites.
J. McCauley, A.
Hadjixenofontos, C. P. Manrique, A. H. Beecham, I. Konidari,
P. L. Whitehead, P.-A. Gourraud, M. A. Pericak-Vance, L.
Tornes, M. Ortega, K. W. Rammohan, S. R. Delgado.
F Genetic basis of height and skin pigmentation in
Southern Africa.
B. M. Henn, J. M. Granka, A. R. Martin,
C. R. Gignoux, M. Lin, J. M. Kidd, E. G. Hoal, M. W.
Feldman, C. D. Bustmante.
W Explicit modeling of genetic ancestry improves
polygenic prediction accuracy.
C. Chen, J. Han, D.
Hunter, P. Kraft, A. Price.
T Powerful detection of osteoarthritis susceptibility
loci by comprehensive examination of clinically
important endophenotypes.
K. Panoutsopoulou,
S. Thiagarajah, A. G. Day-Williams, L. Southam, K.
Hatzikotoulas, A. Matchan, M. Doherty, J. M. Wilkinson, E.
Zeggini, arcOGEN Consortium.
F Two novel susceptibility loci to Takayasu arteritis
and synergistic role of the
regions in
a Japanese population.
C. Terao, H. Yodhifuji, A. Kimura,
T. Matsumura, K. Ohmura, M. Takahashi, M. Shimizu, T.
Kawaguchi, Z. Chen, T. Naruse, A. Sato-Otsubo, Y. Ebana,
Y. Maejima, Y. Wada, I. Narita, Y. Kawguchi, H. Yamanaka,
S. Ogawa, I. Komuro, R. Nagai, R. Yamada, Y. Tabara,
M. Isobe, T. Mimori, F. Matsuda, Kyoto Univ. Takayasu
Arteritis Consortium.
W Identification of CNVs association in saliva
flow using PennCN .
M. Lee, K. T. Cuenco, X. Zheng,
E. Feingold, D. E. Weeks, R. J. Weyant, R. J. Crout, D. W.
McNeil, M. L. Marazita.
T Analysis of copy number variation on Down
syndrome-associated atrioventricular septal defects.
D. Ramachandran, J. Mulle, A. E. Locke, P. Bose, L. J.
Bean, S. Le, T. Rosser, K. Dooley, D. J. Cutler, E. Feingold,
S. Y. Cheong, C. L. Cua, G. T. Capone, C. L. Maslen, R. H.
Reeves, S. L. Sherman, M. E. Zwick.
F Analysis of copy number variation on chromosome
in Down syndrome-associated congenital heart
B. L. Rambo-Martin, D. Ramachandran, J. Mulle,
A. E. Locke, P. Bose, L. J. Bean, S. Le, T. Rosser, K. Dooley,
D. J. Cutler, S. Y. Cheong, C. L. Cua, C. L. Maslen, R. H.
Reeves, S. L. Sherman, M. E. Zwick.