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ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
T FTO genetic variants, dietary intake, and body
mass index: Results from 177,330 individuals.
Q. Qi, T.
Kilpeläinen, M. Downer, T. Tanaka, C. Smith, T. Sørense,
F. Hu, R. Loos, J. Nettleton, L. Qi, FTO Gene and Dietary
Intake Consortium.
F Genome-wide environmental interaction analysis
using multidimensional data reduction principles to
identify asthma pharmacogenetic loci in relation to
corticosteroid therapy.
F. Van Lishout, K. Bessonov, QL.
Duan, K. Tantishira, K. Van Steen.
W Empirical comparison of multi-association for
type 2 diabetes in Koean population-based cohort.
Lee, J. Lee, S. Park, B. Kim, B. Han, S. Won.
T Influence of physical activity on body mass index
in relation to well-replicated obesity loci in African
American adults: The ARIC Study.
K. L. Young, A. E.
Justice, E. W. Demerath, W.-H. L. Kao, E. Boerwinkle, K. E.
North, K. L. Monda.
F Transcriptional response to acute respiratory
virus infection — A prospective cohort study.
Y. Zhai,
J. Belmont, R. Atmar, J. Quarles, N. Arden, K. Bucasas, J.
Wells, D. Niño, X. Wang, G. Zapata, C. Shaw, L. Franco,
R. Couch.
W Insights into the molecular arms race between
the malaria parasite and its human host from
genomic analysis of over 15,000 African individuals.
C. C. A. Spencer, L. S. Quang, G. Band, K. Rockett, D.
Kwiatkowski, MalariaGEN.
T The
A (R653Q) variant is
associated with elevated C-reactive protein and body
mass index in a Canadian premature birth cohort.
K. E.
Christensen, M. Dahhou, M. S. Kramer, R. Rozen.
F Analysis of APOE-e4 and facial profile convexity
in obstructive sleep apnea.
J. K. Hartsfield, J. J. Roedig,
B. A. Phillips, L. A. Morford, J. E. Van Sickels, G. Falcão-
Alencar, D. W. Fardo, G. T. Kluemper.
W Smoking and asthma: effect modification
by phospholipase C, beta 1 and peroxiredoxin 6
I. Ahmed, M. Rava, M.-H. Dizier, V.
Siroux, M. Kogevinas, N. Probst-Hensch, F. Demenais, P.
Tubert-Bitter, R. Nadif.
T Pathogenic role of microRNA in pediatric asthma.
X.-Y. Dong, N. Zhong.
F Occupational exposures to potential irritants
and asthma: Effect modification by glutathione
S-transferase Z1 and ATP-binding cassette
transporters polymorphisms.
M. Rava, I. Ahmed, O.
Dumas, M. Kogevinas, N. Probst-Hensch, P. Tubert-Bitter,
N. Le Moual, F. Demenais, R. Nadif.
W Comparative analysis of T2D risk allele load in
African Americans and European Americans.
J. M.
Keaton, J. N. Cooke Bailey, N. D. Palmer, B. I. Freedman,
C. D. Langefeld, M. C. Y. Ng, D. W. Bowden.
F Gene-lifestyle interaction and type 2 diabetes.
A. Scott, on behalf of InterAct Consortium.
W Gene carbohydrate and gene fiber interactions
and type 2 diabetes in diverse populations from the
National Health and Examination Surveys as part of
the Epidemiologic Architecture for Genes Linked to
Environment (EAGLE) study.
R. Villegas, R. J. Goodloe,
B. McClellan, Jr., J. Boston, D. C. Crawford.
T Variants in the glucagon gene are associated with
baseline weight and glycemic response to metformin
and intensive lifestyle interventions in the Diabetes
Prevention Program.
A. H. Winters, K. A. Jablonski, S.
E. Kahn, W. C. Knowler, E. S. Horton, K. J. Mather, R. F.
Arakaki, J. C. Florez, T. I. Pollin, DPP Research Group.
F Genetic and environmental influences on the
age of onset of age-related macular degeneration in
the Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic Epidemiology
Research Study on Adult Health and Aging (GERA)
L. Shen, R. Melles, S. Sciortino, D. Ranatunga, L.
Walter, L. Sakoda, R. Whitmer, T. Hoffmann, M. Kvale, Y.
Banda, N. Risch, C. Schaefer, E. Jorgenson.
W Perfect pitch in Costa Rica: Contribution of
genetic and environmental factors.
G. Chavarria-Soley.
T Interplay of genetic risk (
environmental risk (partner smoking) on smoking
cessation success.
L. Chen, T. B. Baker, M. Munafò, L.
J. Bierut.
F Genetic predisposition for hypertriglyceridemia is
modified by ext emes of adiposity.
C. Cole, M. Nikpay,
R. Dent, R. McPherson.
W Education influences the association betwee
genetic variants and refractive error: A meta-analysis
of five Singapo e studies.
Q. Fan, R. Wojciechowski,
M. K. Ikram, C.-Y. Cheng, P. Chen, X. Zhou, C.-W. Pan,
C.-C. Khor, E. S. Tai, T. Aung, T.-T. Wong, Y.-Y. Teo,
S.-M. Saw.
T A genome-wide interaction study suggests
contrasting interaction effects with smoking in ACPA-
positive versus ACPA-negative rheumatoid arthritis.
X. Jiang, H. Källberg, L. Ärlestig, S. Rantapää-Dahlqvist,
L. Klareskog, L. Padyukov, L. Alfredsson, Swedish
Epidemiological Investigation of Rheumatoid Arthritis
EIRA) Study Group.
F A study on genetic variation associated with
visceral adipose tissue and interaction of life style on
the expression of genetic variation.
H. Kwon, K. Sohn,
B. Cho, H. Choi.
W Lineages based genome-wide association
analysis in tuberculosis.
S. Mahasirimongkol,
N. Smittipat, T. Juthayothin, T. Mushiroda, S.
Wattanapokayakit, N. Wichukchinda, S. Nedsuwan,
K. Dokladda, K. Rukseree, P. Billamas, P.
Palittapongarnpim, B. Chaiyasirinroj, A. Chaiprasert, H.
Yanai, K. Tokunaga.